The Beauty of Simplicity in Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Business

The beauty of simplicity is something I’m always searching for.
I’ve now been shooting boudoir photography for 10 years and with every year I learn more, new styles emerge, old falls away, skills are honed, and inspiration is always fluttering at my door.

I’ve never been one of those photographers that feels like I need a lot props in my photos. I gravitate to clean, interesting lines and try and stay away from anything that takes too much away from the the most important thing, my subject.

I think with the right lighting, style, posing, and composition you can create interest, power, and allure without much. I think that’s always been my goal, to say a lot with a little. Less in this line of business is definitely more, at least it is to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to mix it up with lavish locations and I’ll never say no to an adventure, but on my day to day, I like to push myself to find the  beauty of simplicity  in the things I look at everyday and find a new way to photograph it. I think that’s where my true creativity emerges. I love the realization when I find a new ways of seeing something I’ve shot a 100 times, and I think to myself how did I not see that before.


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