Most of the women I work with aren’t professional models. This includes the photos on the website. These women are real people — mothers, daughters, wives, fiancées, girlfriends, etc. — with dreams and insecurities, just like you and me, and every one of them is beautiful and unique. Boudoir photography is designed to bring out the best side of you, so that you look fabulous in your photographs.

Am I able to make you look twenty pounds lighter in your boudoir shoot? The honest answer is yes, I can. I’ve been shooting and retouching for over 10 years, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve, I know how to pose and which lighting to use to make you to look your best.  Although I love retouching, I am a firm believer in the natural beauty of women, and I am convinced that your dress size has nothing to do with how attractive or sexy you can be.

With that in mind, I retouch the photos in a way that only enhances them. I have been shooting fashion and editorial work for years, so I’m not going to lie, I LOVE retouching! Every photo needs some retouching, and every photo we see on the newsstands and in the magazines has been retouched. Retouching can do amazing things. Yes, it can be abused, but I don’t believe I am guilty of that. Seeing as we compare ourselves to who we see every day and are somehow convinced that we can’t look like that, I am here to show you, YOU CAN!

It’s time to level the playing fields and show you that with the right photographer, lighting, equipment, and tools you can be just as glamorous. A boudoir session with me is guaranteed to bring out your fabulous most sexy self, and although I will help you become the most beautiful person you can be in these photographs, I will not transform you into someone who you’re not. Through my photography, I want to help you appreciate the unique radiance that already exists inside of you, not create something else that isn’t real. We’ll be your empowerment cheerleaders and turbo charge your self confidence.

Boudoir photography is an incredibly empowering experience, and although the session may not transform you into a daring vixen, it will help you be come more confident, which will show up in your finished photographs. Also, you’re not doing this alone.  Our team will be there to help you pose and relax, and you’ll probably have more fun than you thought you would. I will be directing you the entire time. Showing you what to do, where to look and how to most importantly natural and comfortable.  I love what I do, so most can’t help but feed off of my enthusiasm and have a good time as well! Okay, the champagne helps, too!

For top-of-the line customization, the value meets the price. We maintain a dynamic range of products and unparalleled services at our custom photography studio. We:

  • Offer the finest portraiture services and products available.
  • Create timeless images that match our high standards.
  • Provide photographs which have our color corrected and our magazine quality signature edits.
  • 10 years of professional posing and portrait experience.
  • We offer our specialty fine art products that you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • Access to our 5,500 natural light studio downtown. (Rents for $200 to $500 an hour to others)
  • Our signature style committed to excellence (Experience 5 star yelp reviews).
  • I am dedicated to creating life long relationships with our clients by offering complimentary shoots and special reward promotions for my clients.
  • The learned gift to bring the best out of anyone.

I can advise you on what looks best. You will have a design consultation when you book the session, and we will send you a list of stores I love as recommendations.

Outfits that you feel confident in. Every woman is different, and a sexy panty/bra set may work for one person, while a slinky off the shoulder sweater may be best for another. If you have any questions about an outfit, don’t hesitate to ask during our consultation. I know you have no idea where to start! No problem. I walk you through the process of creating ideas that will be authentic to you along with lots of inspiration on how to pick out the best outfits for your shoot.

We work with world-class celebrity make-up and hair stylists which are available for your session. Our make-up artist stays with us the entire session so we can get a nice variety of looks and moods. I want to tell a story. I don’t want your images to look the same. I like to start out light and take it a little more dramatic as we go. The result are images that shows the kaleidoscope of you. 

The sooner the better. Usually a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your chosen date is optimal, and weekends fill up faster than weekdays. Keep this in mind if you are giving this as a gift. It can take up to six weeks to get your album or image box.

Of course! Just because my samples may not seem to be very diverse, I work will all woman regardless of dress size. Please feel free to email me if you want some examples.

Do you still have questions?