Frequently Asked Questions

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Most of the women I work with aren’t professional models. This includes the photos on the website. These women are real people — mothers, daughters, wives, fiancées, girlfriends, etc. — with dreams and insecurities, just like you and me, and every one of them is beautiful and unique. Boudoir photography is designed to bring out the best side of you, so that you look fabulous in your photographs.
What does a shoot with your team look like?

At our boudoir photography studio, we’re not just photographers; we’re your companions on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. From the moment you book your photoshoot, you step into a world of passion, experience, and artistry.

We believe that each photoshoot is a unique odyssey, an opportunity to redefine your perspective on beauty, confidence, and self-love. Our meticulous process begins with a wealth of information, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your transformative experience.

The creation of your mood board is a collaborative venture, an artful assembly of your desires and inspirations. It’s the initial brushstroke on the canvas of your transformation, setting the stage for what’s to come.

When you enter our studio, you step into a sanctuary of self-discovery. Multiple makeup and hair changes allow you to explore a kaleidoscope of looks and emotions, each unveiling a different facet of your inner beauty. Our team’s coaching, guidance, and unbridled cheerleading make you feel like a star, ensuring you’re at ease through every pose and expression.

Our signature culling and reveal sessions are the heart of our experience. Together, we carefully curate the most extraordinary images, transforming them into artistry that reflects your essence. It’s a journey of rediscovering the unique beauty that resides within you, transitioning from self-doubt to profound self-love.

As your final images take shape, you’ll witness the extraordinary transformation. What you thought was hidden within you is unveiled—a newfound appreciation for your beauty, strength, and confidence. Each image isn’t just a photograph; it’s a masterpiece, a testament to your personal journey.

Our commitment extends beyond the final session. Every digital package includes a low-res copy of each image we viewed together. It’s your guide to the transformative experience—a reminder of the empowering journey you’ve embraced.

We’re here to be your companions on this remarkable odyssey. As you leave our studio, you’ll walk with your head held high, your heart filled with newfound self-love. This is the essence of a transformational boudoir shoot, an experience guided by passion, expertise, and a dedication to unveiling your true self.

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery? Book your boudoir photoshoot with us, and let’s unveil the extraordinary within you. 

Should I wait until I can loose a few pounds to book?

Absolutely not. Those few extra pounds will remain our little secret with the right lighting, posing, and retouching techniques.

I’m here to make you look and feel your absolute best. With over 20 years of experience in photography and retouching, I’ve fine-tuned my skills and developed an array of techniques to ensure that you shine from the moment you step in front of the camera to the final image. Posing, angles, the perfect lighting, and expert retouching are my secret arsenal for revealing your true beauty.

While I deeply appreciate the art of retouching, my goal is to keep it subtle and unnoticeable. I firmly believe in celebrating the natural beauty of women. Your dress size holds no relevance when it comes to your allure and sensuality. My approach to retouching is all about enhancement, not complete transformation. Drawing from years of experience in fashion and editorial photography, I can assure you that every image, whether in magazines or on newsstands, undergoes some level of retouching. When used responsibly, retouching can indeed work wonders. I’m careful not to overdo it.

In a world where we often compare ourselves to seemingly unattainable images, I’m here to prove that you can look and feel just as glamorous. I’m dedicated to leveling the playing field by demonstrating that, with the right photographer, lighting, equipment, and tools, you can radiate your own unique allure.

During a boudoir session with me, you’ll undoubtedly unleash your fabulously sexy self. While I’ll ensure you look your absolute best in these photographs, I won’t transform you into someone you’re not. My photography is all about accentuating and enhancing the radiant beauty that already resides within you, not creating something artificial. We’re here to be your empowerment cheerleaders and turbocharge your self-confidence.

Do you work with plus sized women?

We warmly embrace and celebrate all body sizes in our boudoir photography sessions. Our primary aim is to empower and elevate every individual who graces our camera lens, enabling their distinct beauty to radiate. Your self-assuredness and ease are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to curating a genuinely empowering and inclusive experience for all.

My mission is to demonstrate that anyone can exude the confidence and allure worthy of a magazine cover. With the assistance of the right photographer, expert styling, hair and makeup, skillful posing, precise lighting, and adept retouching, I assure you that any doubts about your potential to look the part will be completely erased!

Can you make me look like a “model”?

Most of the women I work with aren’t professional models. This includes the photos on the website. These women are real people — mothers, daughters, wives, fiancées, girlfriends, etc. — with dreams and insecurities, just like you and me, and every one of them is beautiful and unique. Boudoir photography is designed to bring out the best side of you, so that you look fabulous in your photographs.

I’m normally very shy and conservative, will I look nervous in the photos?

Boudoir photography offers an incredibly empowering experience. While it may not instantly transform you into a daring vixen, it will undoubtedly boost your confidence, and this newfound self-assuredness will radiate in your final photographs.

Furthermore, you won’t be going through this journey alone. Our dedicated team will be by your side to assist with posing and help you relax, making the entire experience more enjoyable than you might have imagined. Throughout the session, I will personally guide you, demonstrating what to do, where to direct your gaze, and how to appear effortlessly natural and at ease. I have a genuine passion for what I do, and that enthusiasm is infectious, creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for you. And yes, a bit of champagne can certainly add to the fun!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we provide a variety of plans to maximize accessibility for all.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we provide a variety of plans to maximize accessibility for all.

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Do you shoot Men?

No, I do not, but I do shoot couples.

Do you provide the outfits?


We’re here not just to guide and coach you but to help you discover those pieces that you absolutely adore and that make you feel irresistibly sexy, ones you’ll want to wear again and again.

This experience is about more than just donning alluring garments; it’s about the exhilarating process of selecting pieces that inspire you and unleash a newfound sense of empowerment.

After the photoshoot, you’ll realize that every piece you wore here has been infused with the energy of your confidence and sensuality, serving as a constant reminder of your allure.

The journey of finding your own pieces is a part of self-discovery.

When you secure your session, we’ll arrange a design consultation and provide you with a carefully curated list of stores that I personally adore.

Inside our treasure trove of props, you’ll discover a delightful array, from whimsical whips and playful paddles to ethereal wings and elegant pearls. We maintain a hidden collection of unique items that can add that extra touch of flair to your photos.

Once you’re here, the three of us will become your personal stylists, assisting you in creating the perfect look that resonates with your unique style and makes you feel truly fabulous.

What type of outfits do you recommend?

Your confidence is our priority, and we know that every woman has her unique style. One person’s go-to sexy ensemble might be a sultry panty and bra set, while another might prefer the allure of a slinky off-the-shoulder sweater. If you find yourself pondering outfit choices or feeling unsure, don’t worry, just ask during our consultation. We get it – sometimes starting the outfit selection process can feel like stepping into the unknown. But fear not! We’re here to not only hold your hand but also lead you through a journey of ideas that are as authentic as you are. Plus, we’ve got inspiration galore to help you curate the perfect outfits for your photoshoot.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

Meet Keleigh, our world-renowned celebrity makeup and hairstylist with an impressive portfolio, having collaborated with luminaries such as Amy Adams, Pam Anderson, Tracy Ross, Pink, and even Playboy icons, to name just a few. Keleigh possesses the remarkable ability to enhance the beauty of every skin and hair type to sheer perfection.

My connection with Keleigh predates my venture into boudoir photography in 2010. She not only serves as your makeup and hair artisan but also extends her expertise to assist in selecting wardrobe and styling, transforming your vision in a wholly innovative manner. Keleigh’s boundless creativity is a true gift, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have her as an integral part of our team.

Throughout the entire session, Keleigh remains at our side, enabling us to capture a diverse array of looks and moods akin to an editorial photoshoot. We commence with a more natural approach and gradually progress to unveil a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of your unique personalities, resulting in images that narrate a compelling story.

Can I bring a friend?

While we typically don’t recommend partners due to the intimate nature of the experience, we absolutely welcome it when clients choose to bring their friends. We approach each situation on a case-by-case basis and remain open to your preferences. Our top priority is ensuring that your experience is the best it can possibly be. Your comfort and satisfaction are what matter most to us.

How far in advance do I need to book a boudoir appointment?

The sooner the better. Usually, a minimum of 8-12 weeks before your chosen date is optimal, and weekends fill up faster than weekdays. Keep this in mind if you are giving this as a gift. It can take up to six weeks to get your album or image box.

How long Does it Take to Get the Photos?

Our turnaround time is around 7-10 buiness days for digital orders and 4-8 weeks for Albums and Fine Art Boxes.

Do you still have questions? Just ask!

This could be you…

“Where do I even begin? My boudoir photoshoot with this team was nothing short of life-changing. I walked into the studio with a million doubts, self-conscious thoughts, and insecurities weighing me down. But, from the very first click of the camera, everything changed.