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In this weeks boudoir photo tips I’d love to discuss one of my favorites and really one of the most important steps in setting up your boudoir clients for success.

As a photographer you are probably an incredibly visual person. In the initial consultation with a client, we discuss dreams, goals, and ideas for the shoot. Not only do I ensure them that their photoshoot will be everything they want it to be, but I want them to start visualizing what that would that would look like. I want them to know that their shoot is going to be different than everyone else’s boudoir photoshoot.

My goal is in each and every one of my shoots is to be better than the last and I find that one of the best ways of creating new and fresh ideas is to collaborate with your clients. Make them a part of the process, let them know their opinion counts and you want them to be a part of the creation process. This makes people excited, we want to connect, create, and collaborate. It also makes it even more special when they look back on these photos 10, 20, 30 years from now. Knowing that they were a part of creating these beautiful images leaves a lasting image on them.

So all of my clients get a little homework assignment. They are instructed to pull images that they are drawn to. What type of lighting, posing, background, lingerie, mood do they like? This is often something most have never done before so it really get their creative juices flowing and will also gives them ideas they might not have had, spark inspiration and ultimately get them more excited about the shoot.

Before the session we take 10-15 min to discuss what images they are really excited about. Once I have an idea of what sexy poses they like, the mood, make-up, etc. I really have a better idea of who my client is, thus helping creating a boudoir experience that they will never forget with images they absolutely love.

I love getting to know the unique differences in each one of my clients. I want them to know how special they are and having a boudoir mood of all the things they love help me come up with ideas I might not have had before.

Does she want something more artistic, does she love black and white and her booty? Or does she want something colorful, some sexy bathtub boudoir?

Setting up your boudoir clients for success is all about the little details and making sure you are creating a space of trust right from the start.

I constantly refer to the board throughout the shoot day, which not only keeps us on track with our original ideas, but also makes an impact and shows my clients just how much I care about them.

Creating art takes time, effort, and standing out in a crowded niche takes creativity and impact. I suggest not only having your client mood board but create some for yourself. What do you love? What images do you want to create? What are new things you want to try?

You should have a bunch of mood boards. Then when your client has an idea, you might already have images for her she might love. She might also tell you something she wants to do that you do too. It’s like you are consciously pulling it towards you like magic.

We are visual creatures my friends. Our minds are just the vehicle to which our hearts needs to create, so let the heart flow, don’t worry about the rest and the mind will find a way to make it happen.

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