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The Importance of Pricing in Photography

Cue Rant…It’s a new RAGE!

Everyone wants to be a Photographer and everyone thinks they can! Some think all you need is a decent camera, some nifty filters, and a big youtube or Ig fan page and BAM you’ve made it. 

For those who have been working for years in the industry, know it’s clearly not that simple. I’ve spent more than a decade honing my craft, learning the ins and out about pricing, taxes, marketing, insurance, equipment, and customer relations. The endless tasks of successfully navigating the choppy waters in the highs and lows seems never ending. 

I’ve made a plethora of mistakes, but I just kept plugging away. I’ve battled with some many failures, but each time I get knocked down,  I shake it off and get back up.  It’s taken a lot of hard work and determination to get to where I am now, and not a day goes by that regret any of it.

I am still as passionate or even more than I was 20 years ago because my WHY continues to serve me. I don’t take photos for money, I make money from photos so I can take more photos, tell more stories, empower more women and create more confidence and self love in this world.

Boudoir Photography Tips

What is your why?

One of the most common misconceptions for newbies is that the job is all fun and they think they don’t have to put any skin in the game.  I think when most realize what it takes and they don’t have a vision or clear vision of why and how they are here to serve, they get lost. I know this because it happened to me.  Living in Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities in the world and standing out can be seriously overwhelming and if you are not careful you get caught into a survival state of mind. 

This way of thinking leads to charging such low prices (like $50 for a session with an online link to all the images), which ultimately does nothing but hurt the industry as a whole. When low prices become “the new standard” and mediocre work is considered the new norm, it’s a sad sad day for both photographer and client. 

What most people don’t realize about these “newbies” is that they have devoted little to no time into learning what actually goes into being a professional photographer (e.g. training, licenses, and insurance) and instead invest neither money nor commitment towards improving their craft or continuing to produce quality work.


Know Your Value

As a professional Boudoir and Brand photographer who makes my full-time living in this tumultuous industry, it’s difficult for me to swallow part time photographers who use their “free time” to steal work from professionals, charge so little, and give so much that this pricing standard and sub-par work becomes the norm.

So much so that it’s sometimes difficult to explain to inquires the value and lifelong investment of paying premium prices for photography and prints.

Boudoir Photography Tips For Massive Success

The Best Boudoir Photography Tip For Success I Can Give You

Compete on value, you, how are you unique, how do you make your clients feel, what type of service do you give them. Don’t compete on pricing alone.

There is just so many photographers out there trying to compete on price instead of focusing on the unique service they bring to the world. Any professional photographer that charges less than $1000 for a photoshoot with access the whole session (All The Photos) is bringing down the market and devaluing who they are and what they do as a professional.

Professional photography is expensive because it requires years of experience, expensive equipment, marketing, photoshop skills,  updated websites, the list goes on.

Photography is an investment and if you want a professional that has dedicated their life to it, continues to do workshops and seminars every year to evolve as an artist, and is 100% committed to quality, you have to understand although it may not be “cheap,” it will be worth it.

It goes without saying, in all things, you get exactly what you pay for.

If you are new to boudoir photography, I can understand how you would want to charge accordingly, but I strong advise you to be careful about charging too cheap and not valuing your worth and falling under the notion that people won’t pay for that. Remember that we all have blindspots, and limitation we but on ourselves that constantly need to be evaluated.

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This time spent at the outset will save you a great deal of time and frustration down the road, and you’ll be able to gain respect from other members in the industry, as opposed to fostering resentment.

Boudoir Photography Tips

Why can’t you just hand the file over?

Sadly, many people don’t realize why the process is so expensive and why we can’t just hand over files so they can go make 4×6’s for $1 at their local target. The photo is everything! It’s what we created, that is our art. We can’t just give it away.

If I only got paid for the sessions I did and not for the prints, I would starve. I realize that ultimately you can’t go around making everyone your client, nor do I expect everyone to understand. This is why I go the extra mile for my clients who appreciate the value and the level of detail that I love to give.

So, if you are an aspiring professional photographer, my advice to you, especially if you are a part timer, is to know the cost of doing business.

Know your numbers! If you don’t know how to get started, join groups like PPA and learn about how price yourself and structure your business.

This time spent at the outset will save you a great deal of time and frustration down the road, and you’ll be able to gain respect from other members in the industry, as opposed to fostering resentment.

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