Find your sweet spot, every woman has one

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What it you like most about yourself?

Your eyes, your lips, your sculpted legs? It’s easy to pick one thing that you like. It’s probably just as easy to pick something you don’t like. Your special blend of flaws and best features are what makes your body unique, but when you’re celebrating beauty you can embrace the uniqueness without focusing on the negatives.


The Sweet Spot: Every Woman Has One

Every woman has a sweet spot. She’ll have at least one fiery look, one extraordinary angle, one sultry position that would melt the heart of any man. Boudoir photography is the art of focusing on that sweet spot, and drawing it out for you or that special someone to see in all of its radiant glory. 

Your Body is a Dream 

Just look at you, you’re incredible! And your photographs should represent that. The best professional Boudoir photographers are masters at using the perfect combinations of professional lighting, composition, and angle positioning to highlight their clients’ best features. 

When it comes to showing off your body the right way, it’s the subtleties that matter. A brush of shadow here, a strategically placed bit of cloth there, or a slightly altered positioning can take a photo from “blah” to “wow.” The magic is in the details. 


Photographs Designed to Build Confidence 

Without exception, you should leave a Boudoir session feeling sexy and confident. I design my sessions to empower women and to help them realize the beauty that already exists inside of each one of them. As a Boudoir Photographer, my job isn’t to create beauty, but to capture it at its best. 

When my clients see their photographs, I want them to be amazed by themselves. The best way to do this is by focusing on their best features and deemphasizing their less favorable ones. Here are a few tips on how you can do it too. 

Focus on Angles 

Many people strongly believe that the camera adds ten pounds to a subject. This isn’t really true. Bad positioning adds ten pounds. Successfully accentuating feminine lines and curves and deemphasizing problem areas depends entirely on how you position your client. Do it well, and no matter what their body type, you can make them look fabulous.


The Power of a Good Light

There’s nothing worse than a badly placed shadow on a beautiful subject. Use light which flatters your client, makes her look softer and more elegant and removes possibilities for unfortunate dark spots. Directional lighting tends to work best, as straight on lighting will make your subject look larger and make the photograph less evocative. 


Use the Secret Weapon: Composition 

If you’ve angled your subject beautifully, and she’s lit well, you can still get into trouble if you don’t compose the image properly. Plus. boudoir photography is supposed to be intimate, don’t be afraid to get closer to your subject, or at least make use of a lens with a longer focal length.

Ultimately, every woman has a sweet spot, and as Boudoir photographers, it’s our duty to not only find it but to artfully feature it in our images so that our clients can be proud. Beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety, and if our boudoir sessions can help women feel more confident about their bodies, then we are doing our jobs the right way. 


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