Monday Muse | Sarah Moon

“I photograph privilege, illusion, evanescence, likeness, and beauty.

Then I seek for an emotion, and it seems an even more hopeless quest.” – Sarah Moon


Meditations on passion, meditations on beauty – these are the words which best describe the ethereal work of Parisian photographer Sarah Moon.

Her ability to create fairy tale worlds and tell unique stories through her images have been captivating audiences for decades and inspiring me since I was very young.

Sarah Moon wasn’t always a photographer. In school she studied drawing and modeled part-time for extra money for renowned photographers like Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton Through these experiences, she fell in love with photography and would go on to create thousands of fine art images throughout her lifetime.

She followed her bliss and never turned back.

In a world where so many things seem temporary and superficial, Sarah Moon reminds us of the importance of intentionality, of taking time to plan and build and create things that will last for generations.

She knew that we craft the future for those that follow us, and the stories we tell with our work and our lives are what will be remembered.


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