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Keeping it Sexy: Seeing is Believing

You know how in movies you’ll sometimes see someone babbling, because they’re flustered and nervous by the presence of another person, and the other person, without saying a word, will simply step forward and silence the babbling person with a kiss. And something about that is unbelievably sexy.

Well, that something is what I’m about to tell you.

Human beings are visually stimulated creatures. and with the creation of modern day media, we are able to feed our minds with visual media as often as we want.

We see pictures posted online, watch thousands of videos, and spend a lot of time watching television.

This isn’t an inherently evil thing, it’s just evidence of what most people enjoy most.


We can talk and talk all day long, but it won’t ever have the same impact as a single action, a single image, an experience that leads us eyes first, brain second, mouth third.

This is why Boudoir photography is so effective. The great cliché is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

But it’s true. You can try to describe how great a woman looks in a perfectly cinched corset, or how her eyes shine like fire when the sunlight hits them, or how the softness of her skin seems luminescent in candlelight.

But if there were a picture to prove it.  You’d want to see the picture, wouldn’t you?  Because hearing is one thing. But seeing is believing.

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