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Are Nudes at 19 too young?

Today is a very special day!
Today I celebrate one of my favorite humans in the world.

Jayda came into our lives 22 years ago when my very close cousin Taryn was only 16 years old.

I was 18 and off to collage, so sadly I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked with her during the early years.

Fast forward to 16, Jayda started to visit me in Los Angeles.  She was very shy and never liked to be naked in front of anyone.  Durning those summers Jayda really got to be a part of what I do.  I took her on shoots and shared about everything I did. She really got to see the power behind being open and vulnerable and the impact it made on my cleints.

It wasn’t long before she was appearing nude in front of my camera.

I wanted Jayda to know how empowering it is to be nude, to really truly love your body and most importantly to never ever be ashamed of the beauty that god gave you.

It wasn’t long before she outgrew her shyness and embraced her body. She’s modeled nude for me on multiple occasions and I’m so happy she’ll have these photos to look back on and see how brave she was.

Nudes at 19

Being nude is my favorite things ever, and if you are a friend of mine you know that well.  I’m always trying to get everyone naked.

Not only is it freeing, it’s healing and I love it and want to shout it. I love the naked human body, especially the female body. It’s the most beautiful thing on the is earth and how lucky am I that I get to capture it on the daily! I have the best job ever!

Are nudes at 19 too young? No way! Loving and celebrating your body at any age is important to  having a positive image of yourself.


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