Self Love Is The Sword

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Self love is the sword that will always win the war

Over the last few month I’ve ben very quite trying to get a hold on the kaleidoscope of emotions running through my head during the day.  I’ve been feeling all my feelings, spending a lot of time solitude.  I’ve just been wanting to go deeper into myself, realign, get rid of whats not working and re-evaluate everything.

I’m changing and challenging myself on so many levels, I hope I don’t even know my old self when this is all over.  I am feeling super grateful for my beautiful home that has allowed me to have the space to really free and move around.  The 100’s of dogs walks and hikes over the last few months have kept me sane.

I really jumped off the cliff and embraced my introverted self. I disappeared from social, because let’s face it social makes you feel like SHIT.  OYE SOO over it.   I don’t know who actually really likes social right now, ha, maybe you do, but for me, it drains my energy, distracts me, and makes me just waste a bunch of super duper valuable time.

Time…  What we all wish we had more of.  I’ve been contemplating am I really productive with my time?  Am I being distracted too much?  How can I blow up my schedule and just shock my system into a new way of operating, one that includes A LOT more self love, cause we all need more of that!

I’ve always wanted to do a SILENT RETREAT.

I can’t believe it took me this long to do it because I am now OBSESSED. No talking, no screens, just you and your thoughts.

Working on yourself is not sitting in front of the tv, complaining, blaming, copious amounts wine and hooked on news. We’ve all been there!  After 4 months of safer at home, I know y’all know what I mean.

Today is day 6 of my silent retreat. I was only going to do 2 days, but my heart said, “follow me and stay a while, there is much to learn about matters of the heart.

During the days I walk, pray, meditate, practice kundalini, write, read, and stare at the sky for long amounts of time.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m really not even that girl that likes watching the news at all and I was developing an unattractive habit of wanted to check it all the time. Gross. The hours upon hours I’ve spent worrying about whats going to happen , how will my business be effected, and what the hell is really going on right?!!

I have NO control over any of this and the more time I spend on what is happening outside of myself the more I give my precious power away and before I know it, I’ve become someone I don’t like, worried about everything, doubting myself, my thoughts, everyone…

No, the time is up.

The beauty, courage, faith, hope and dreams we have feel heavy and unattainable when we worry too much. What we cannot control and what we will most likely never ever understand is spreading fear faster than any disease.

The majority of people can’t quite comprehend what is at the precipitous of our current situation.  Our world and cultures are falling apart. It’s unfathomable what is happening so naturally people find unhealthy ways to cope and I think for many this is blame.

I don’t know about you but I feel like many relationships have been tested and many people have been showing me their true colors. And It’s been painful process. I got so fed up I totally got off social media. It didn’t make me feel good, so I left.

I knew with all the darkness in the world I needed to hold my light and in order to do that I needed to step away from all the distractions.

You have to raise you energy, heart to stay in the light.

The world is never going to be the same, and all your plans are canceled, but guess what? I know you don’t want to hear this but……SO F**** WHAT! I say… LOVE IT and make the best of it.  When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.

It’s it sexier to be the one having the good time?  No matter what the circumstances are? Right? Be the one who inspires others to have fun!

No more complaining and blaming.  Dust off that sword, pick it up, hold it high and start fighting for your life.  Trust me you are.

Self love will heals ALL of your wounds.  Self love is the anchor that keeps you from drifting to sea. Self love is always the answer.

It is time for you to give more time to yourself.  Time to write, read, meditate, walk, be.  Reconnect to the divine plan of you and why you are walking this earth.

Your heart is listening and so eager to hear all that you want to birth into creation. Surrender your fears, make big changes, set new boundaries and believe in you like you never have before

I believe that the radical changes towards more self love will open the door to your divinity and what you are here to bring the world.

Self Love is will be your greatest armor and your most trusted friend in the unknown times upon us.

Except EVERYTHING as it comes and write love over it. Let it be perfect as it is, or let it go. Your heart will lead you to the light and self love is the sword that gets you there.

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