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Don’t know anything about boudoir posing? No problem!

By the time we are done with your shoot, you’ll be movin, grovin and proving to yourself that you too can take sexy, risqué and drop dead beautiful photos.  Maybe it’s the confidence I’ve built with the 20 plus years I’ve been photographing women for or maybe it’s just sheer luck, but the love I have for boudoir posing is contagious and you just might catch the boudoir bug.

My goal is for you to learn how to take all the tips and tricks I teach you into you normal selfie life and to take way better photos than you ever have before. I’m serious. If you suck at posing, you are not alone and don’t let that be a reason. I will guide you, pose you, coach you into your best possible self while cheering you on the whole time.

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