How do you treat yo’self?

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How do you treat yo’self?

Do you love flowers in your office? A fine bottle of Scotch? I am partial to  fancy candles in vintage jars, red wine, and some bomb ass take out!  I’d almost always say a bath, but sadly I don’t have one at this moment.

That said, I miss the Korean spa so F*** much! Ugh!!!  Hanging out naked in a sauna with my beautiful friends is one of my favorite things to do ever.  The Korean spas in Los Angeles are such a unique treat and I can stay there all day savoring every moment. I am really missing our monthly spa trips.

I like to reward myself with nice things, especially when I finish a project. Tonight is going to be one of those nights.

I’m very exited to announce my new personal branding website, I’ve been wanting to get this done for years, so even though there are still tweaks to make, and more content to post,  I feel ready to share it with the world. Personal branding is something I’ve just naturally done for years but I never marketed it. I think now is the best time ever.

Besides boudoir photography, I’ve always been passionate about marketing and really just helping women create powerful imagery that turns heads. Not only am I excited to finally share all my marketing and inspiration, but all the amazing women it’s going to bring into my life.

It’s been a minute since I built my own website and I would have much preferred to send it off to a graphic and web designer, but it’s month 5 of Covid in California.  It goes without saying, I’ve had to cut a few corners.

I knew I was going to have a lot of time, so I learned WordPress.  It took some serious time to build!  There was count all the nights where it took me hours to just fix one small problem, but so worth it!  Now I have so much more knowledge and abilities when it comes to doing things I want to do on my site.

I put my heart and soul into building my dream job and special treats remind me that I’m following my passion.

How do you remind yourself you’re following your heart?

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