How a Photoshoot changed my life

As a child, I was super reserved. I was very shy and even at home alone or even with just my mom I did not like to be naked.

I was tall, slender, and my mother was always telling me beautiful I was but when I looked in the mirror I never saw what she or everyone else saw. I didn’t grow up doing a lot of sports, or dance. I just was given the opportunity to get the challenge the beliefs I had and build convince through new experiences.

I had no idea who I was, what my strengths were and I didn’t really know how to stand in my power and believe in myself.


As I sit here and write this and try to vision the person I once was, tears are rolling down my face. These tears are not made from sadness but from pure gratitude. Gratitude because I don’t know this person anymore. The woman I know now challenges herself and her beliefs daily. The woman I know now looks in the mirror and sees strength and beauty. The woman I see now knows confidence.

There are moments in your life where you have to risk all that you’ve know to become the person you want to be.

It’s something I never thought I would say, but a photoshoot changed my life. It left me with a new understanding of the beauty and strength inside of me. It opened a door to something new inside of me and gave me permission to explore feelings inside of me that I once deemed shameful and wrong.

I stepped into a more powerful way of being and this new way of being has forever changed my life.


I’m not ashamed of my body, my sexuality and I am no longer saying the hurtful things to myself I once did.

This was not just any photo shoot though. Make no mistake. This type of photoshoot does not happen with just anyone.  This photoshoot lit me from the inside out felt laced with a dose of ecstasy. Through the coaching, direction, and tools I was given it provided me with a  special and safe space for me to unfold and release. What was not real ,just fell away.

It gave me permission to explore the wholeness of me and let shine in a way I never thought possible.


As a young woman who once had a multitude of negative conversations about her body and many fears about expressing herself and owning her sexuality to now a woman who can walks around naked with a sense of freedom is truly priceless and is something, I will forever be grateful for.