A Guide for Male Boudoir Photographers: 4 Tips to Rock Your Client’s World

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We wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks with you fellas, so I made a list of some of my the most important ones, tools you most definitely should have in your box!

For once the tables have turned. It’s nice to be in a niche that women are mostly dominating and it’s not because of our gender.

We all know the stories in which tech giants like Google and Facebook lament about the gender gap and pay inequality. 1:1 gender ratio is the big goal for most industries.

It is a problem in Boudoir Photography as well. But, here female shutterbugs rule the roost. I don’t really have an official number for the networth of the Intimate Photography pie. But I can tell you this, the share is increasing by the day as the trend picks momentum.

It doesn’t seem fair that men should lag behind.

If anything, the more creativity flows into the boudoir pool, the more women can benefit from the experience.


The Question That Revealed the Truth: Why Marisa Leigh Works

A few weeks ago someone asked me the question, “Why do your clients keep coming back?”

I pored over my testimonials and came up with four common compliments. Without fail my clientele expresses these sentiments – or some variation of them.

>> “I was scared stiff before the shoot. But I can’t believe how comfortable you made me feel!”

>> “I am not a professional model. But this was easy. I enjoyed myself!”

>> “I feel better than I have in years. It’s like I just re-visited my youth.”

>> “The photographs were mind-blowing. Over and above anything I could have expected.”

If you take a really close look at these quotes, you’ll spot something revealing.

Women shoot with me not because I am a woman. Women shoot with me because of how I make them feel. I provide a safe place for them to be vulnerable. Maybe I’ve honed it because I’m a woman and because I’m a woman I’m more in tune to what lights us up inside.

I know that when it is nurtured, it flows out of us as naturally as a butterfly spreading her wings.

This is the magic of being successful at anything…. especially boudoir.

And thankfully, it ensures that men have just as powerful at shot an conquering boudoir as their female peers.

Know your client’s dreams & fantasies

This is due diligence. You should always understand in unequivocal terms what your client is looking for in an intimate session.

There are no ifs and buts. Each woman is unique and she has her own dreams and desires. Boudoir is a safe way for her to explore her sensuality and shatter her limiting beliefs. But when you encourage her to invite you into her mind, trust is a natural byproduct of the interaction.

Psychology says that secrets are the most potent equalizers. Get your clients to spill the fantasies beans and they will automatically feel more at ease in your presence. A secret is like a commitment. Once made it is hard to break.

Work with professional models… a lot

This is the best advice I can give you. Work with professionals. Work till you know what the lovely female frame looks like. Models are veterans. They adore the camera.

In many instances, you may not even need to help them pose. They’ll automatically highlight their good sides and adjust their body to their advantage. Just soak up the knowledge till it becomes second nature.


Create experiences

A client isn’t looking for a boudoir session. She is looking for a transformative experience. You may have the best camera and lighting in the world, but if the lady of the moment doesn’t feel like a star, doesn’t feel like she participated in a rare and out of the world event, she’ll end up disillusioned. Guide her through posing, coach her, compliment her! I know this sounds silly, but I’m amazed of how often I hear of bad experiences with men.

Women don’t look for photographs.

They look for memories to cherish. Give them some.

Pour the bubbly. Have her autograph a wall. Shoot a video testimonial once the session is over. Make it all about HER.


Don’t rely on tech

Photo retouching is important. Camera equipment is important.

But a solid knowledge of posing and light are so much more. Don’t rely on the editing apps and gimmicks to bring photos to life. They just end up looking artificial.

Love the art of boudoir. Appreciate the harmony of the female frame. Learn to respect the diversity of different body types. And you’ll find your clicks infused with something extra – an X factor that can’t be pinned or duplicated.

And that will be your ticket to steady bookings.

Intimately yours is always looking for enthusiastic, talented photographers to JV with! If you would like to shoot with me, please get in touch at info@boudoirlosangeles.com

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