Let’s face it, props can easily ruin a photo, transforming it into something kitschy and horrid in no time at all. Sometimes things just don’t work, and going with what’s simple and elegant is often all you need. But, when done well, props can be super fun, a slight pop of color here, and an accented angle there, and they can take a photo from “meh” to “holy wow.


You can encourage your clients to bring in props of their own, but sometimes that backfires, so it could be fun to have some of your own on hand.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Blankets, throw pillows, rugs: there’s something seductive about cloth, the way it interacts with skin and instantly upgrade the ambiance of a room
  • Accents: Pearls, anything lacy, classic style hats
  • Umbrellas, canes, walking stick: for the bold, courageous sort, these props tend to speak defiance and exhibitionism in a delightful way
  • “Oh My” objects: handcuffs, scarves, etc. 
  • Whatever else strikes your fancy

Hit up thrift stores and scour Craigslist ads, mix it up and don’t be afraid to try things. Boudoir photography is an art form, and the work you put into the set is just as important as the quality of your light and the lens you choose. 

And didn’t I mention props are fun?

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