Boudoir Photography Tips: How to Over-Deliver

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How to Over-Deliver

We all love when we buy something and then get something free, when we an get an instant upgrade we didn’t ask for or even apply for, or receive a thank you card in the mail that we didnt expect. Its called surprise and delight, and like with everything else, in Boudoir Photography knowing when and where to over deliver can mean the world to your clients.

In the business world, its no great secret that you consistently want to exceed your clients expectations. You want to shock them, awe them, impress them, and ultimately give them a better experience than they had ever dreamed of. For your boudoir clients, this type of service is just as pivotal. From the initial consultation to image delivery, you want them to feel like theyve been on the ride of their life, one that they just have to tell everybody about.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver


There are several things you can do to make sure your Boudoir clients have a world-class experience from beginning to end. One of the most important things is to not show your entire arsenal, to use just the right size hook in order to reign them in, and reserve the big gunsfor when you need them. This is where knowing your target audience comes into play. Know what appeals to your clients, do what it takes to get them to book a session, and then once theyve booked the session which is right for them

Rock their world. 

I love seeing the looks on my clients faces when during the consultation I tell them about what the process will be like. Their broad smiles and raised eyebrows exclaim, Wow, you can do that for me.It makes them feel instantly special. And as Boudoir Photographers, making our clients feel special is the entire reason for what we do. Or at least it is for me anyways.

If you under-promise, this gives you a buffer zone – some wiggle room for you to shine. You know how long it takes you to do things, how well you can do them, and what your standards are. Say youll have the photos to them in 3 weeks, but deliver them in two. If they order a large number of prints, give them a small extra as a thank you. At your boudoir sessions, have complimentary hors doeuvres ready when they arrive.


Balance and Boudoir 

But there is an art to this whole scenario. You are running a business, and the purpose of this strategy is twofold:

  • Attract New Clients
  • Reward Faithful Clients


If your methods of over-delivery arent meeting these ends, then its time to adjust your strategy. Try offering referral perks to customers who recommend you to their friends, or feel free to get creative. The whole point is to make yourself stand out so much in the minds of your boudoir clients that they cant stop talking about you and what a great time they had.


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