Boudoir Photography Tips: Boudoir is About Telling Stories

Boudoir Business

Sometimes a single photo tells a complete story. But the content of one photo is rarely as telling as a series of cleverly crafted images, images that when put together, form an entire picture. 

This is why the best Boudoir Photography encompasses so much more than mere portraiture. Instead, Boudoir is about telling a complete story through your images, and coming to this understanding will help you begin to see each session in a whole new light.

What story do the pictures tell? The pictures tell the story of your subject. It gives the viewer a glimpse of her personality, shows them the elegant details of her body, casts some insight into the person she is away from the stress and frustrations of daily living. It’s personal, and as a result, so very compelling. 

Boudoir tells a story of intimacy, traces the delicate curves of a woman, and features her with grace and poise. Also, since every woman is different, no two Boudoir stories will ever be exactly the same. As a photographer, it’s your job to get to the heart of your subject’s uniqueness, and craft a story around her that shows off just how exquisite she is. 

Because she is.

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