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Every woman is a goddess but thanks to our culture and its narrow parameters of what beautiful is supposed to be, many women don’t realize just how incredible they are.

Every woman has a sweet spot. Though the media often teaches women to pick out their flaws, it is just as easy (and preferable) for women to pick out their favorite features. Women will glow with pride as they describe the sparkle of their eyes, the curve of their lips, or the hours they spent toning their abs. Each woman is a mix of perceived pros & cons, creating a unique and incredible individual. In a Boudoir session, her uniqueness becomes entirely positive, thereby stripping away the negative associations a woman has with her appearance.

The secret is to find that sweet spot that every female possesses. She could have a fiery look, an extraordinary angle, or a sultry position that would melt the heart of any man. Boudoir photography is the art of discovering that attribute and drawing it out to capture it in all of its radiant glory.

The secret lies in combinations of composition, lighting, angle positioning, and the careful use of subtle details. A tilted head, the drape of cloth, or the fall of a shadow can make all the difference in taking a photograph from “every day” to “extraordinary.” If you focus on a woman’s best features and use the proper techniques to de-emphasize their flaws, your client will be amazed by her beauty when she sees her photographs.

more than poses

The camera itself is not responsible for the oft-quoted “adds 10 pounds.” Bad angles and unflattering positions are the culprits. It’s possible to conceal flaws and highlight features if your client is positioned successfully in a way that accentuates her feminine curves and luxurious lines and de-emphasizes any problem areas. If you do your job correctly, your client will look fabulous, no matter her body type.

Setting up your boudoir clients for success

Use lighting that flatters your client to make her look softer and more elegant, and avoid any unfortunate dark spots.
Directional lighting is the best choice.

Even if you have your client perfectly positioned and beautifully lit, you can still ruin your shot if you don’t properly compose the image. Boudoir photography is supposed to be intimate, so don’t be afraid to get closer to your subject, or at least use a lens with a longer focal length.
Beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety.

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