3 Things You Should Totally Focus on in Boudoir Shoots

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Every woman has a stand-out feature.

That one thing which makes her unique and beautiful. For some it can be the electric smile. For others it may be the lithe frame. I believe that what the world tags “imperfection” is actually the essence of who you are. Because it saves you from the disaster of conforming to socially accepted standards.

Working Your Assets

Believe me, it is absolutely overrated.

But having said that, I with my two decades of aesthetic photography experience find that a few often ignored aspects of a woman’s body translate into pure magic when it comes to intimate clicks.

Some of what I will be suggesting is obvious. But I have my own take on these evergreen assets.

Others don’t always find a place of prominence in boudoir shoots and it is such a waste of feminine charms.

So without further ado, here we go

1. The Tresses

Boudoir is all about body positivity. But a woman often ends up neglecting her cascade of curls. Yes, there is a desultory session of “hair and makeup” accompanying almost every intimate session, but I am not talking about ensuring that the strands don’t mess with your sexy smoulder. I am talking about highlighting that mane. I am talking about imbuing this rather inanimate part of you with your personality. I have developed an appreciation for my clients’ tresses because I have shot many convalescing cancer patients who have lost theirs due to chemotherapy. And when I have some to work with, I make it a point to capture at least one click where the wild, tangled, uninhibited backdrop serves to tell the story of emancipation!

You express your emotions through your hair. Think about it. The flick when you aren’t in the mood for BS. The coy twirls when you want to appeal and seduce. The reserved bun when you want to come across as competent. Give your tresses the attention they deserve and put the spotlight on them.


2. The Peepers

The pout. It has had its fair share of the limelight. From the rage of the duck faced selfie to the ballads by lovelorn poets who compared the lips of the beloveds to nectar from heaven, they are the hallmark of everything “sexy”.

Eyes are celebrated too. But mostly in the context of traditional beauty standards.

What people miss is the fact that the peepers are the windows to the soul and they can magnetize a boudoir click, taking it to the next level. No you don’t need to have the perfect set of lashes or the arching eyebrow. Your coloring doesn’t have to be exotic.

If you can invite the camera in and allow it to shoot your authenticity – radiating from your eyes, you will have a photo to cherish.

A toned body sags with time. A perfect blemishless visage may wrinkle. But the eyes – or rather the emotions they can convey never age. Eyes are eternal.

Ask your shutterbug to capture this magic – touched with mystery, desire, triumph or just the plain declaration, “I am Enough”.

Just try it!

3 Things You Should Totally Focus on in Boudoir Shoots


3. The Derriere

What am I talking about? The bum isn’t a neglected asset. If anything, it is overexposed. From Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, a prominent derriere is a ticket to paparazzi paradise.

3 Things You Should Totally Focus on in Boudoir Shoots

Well yes and that is why I want you to view it differently.

Don’t be satisfied with the customary “grabbing the bum” shot. Or a pose that isolates it from the rest of the body and makes it an object of lust.

No…work with someone who knows how to use your derriere to give exquisite shape to your form. Play with light and shadows to create the crests and troughs that are unique to women.

It might be tempting to use a stock pose and be done with it. But Boudoir isn’t about following the herd. It has always been about your individuality. And with the world turning to this art form for expression en masse, true intimate photography connoisseurs know that it is more important than ever before to make your own mark.

And now it’s your turn. I am eager to know your take on this topic?

What spells boudoir magic for you?

Which part of your body would you like to celebrate in a boudoir shoots?

I am all “ears”. 😉

XX Marisa

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