Anniversary gifts are tricky. The occasion is so laden with meaning and expectations that many people get cold feet when it comes to picking something that stands for commitment, love and dedication.

Traditionally speaking the first anniversary gift calls for the gift of “paper”.

At least in the US!

I know this is a guideline for family and friends. But it can also apply to SOs

And this is why I always suggest a couple of sizzling boudoir clicks as the sexy gift that will keep on giving.

Well…it’s paper right?

If you are on the fence about making intimate photography a part of your first anniversary celebration, I will give you two reasons that will make a lot of sense.

  1. People get so excited when they tie the knot or enter into a serious relationship. The year after the “I Do” is often known as the honeymoon phase. But what they forget is the fact that living together or being more “available” to each other can often strip the mystery and the anticipation from the union. It is over the first year that the disillusionments become the most pronounced. That people travel the road from infatuation to mature affection and are still stuck in the middle. A boudoir shoot and its clicks is the best possible way to bring excitement back into the setting. To tease and titillate and revisit the courtship.
  1. The gift of intimate photography is almost like a renewal of the vows. Not many women are fully comfortable with deliberate and seductive exposure for the purpose of documentation. Even if you sleep in the same bed and there are no secrets between you and your man, shooting some boudoir images for his eyes is a declaration of your trust in him and the longevity of the relationship. Believe me; he will appreciate your thoughtful gesture from the bottom of his heart.

Okay now that we have the validity of the gift out of the way, let’s look at some tips to personalize your first anniversary boudoir session for images that he will not forget in a hurry.

  • Remind him that you are God’s gift. This one is very popular. It is the classic nudie with a red ribbon bow either at the throat or round the middle for that festive and celebratory appeal. If you aren’t comfortable baring it all, don a nice skimpy negligee. That works too.
  • The inclusion of his essence. What’s your man’s dressing style? Is he more into vests? Does he do the oversized male robes? Filch a garment from his wardrobe and present yourself in this obviously, essentially male item of clothing. It is a tribute to his presence in your life and always melts the heart.
  • Hint at what’s to come. How do you want to wrap up your anniversary night? Yes…most ladies have just that in mind. It is a lovely and exciting touch to tantalize your guy with the promise of a “grand finale” to top the experience, appropriately captured in sizzling photographs.

Long story short nothing can beat the impact boudoir shots bring to your first anniversary gift.

Come on – try it out.

You can thank me later.

Best First Year Anniversary Gift