Sometimes It’s Ok to Put Yourself First

Self Love

By putting yourself first, you automatically exhibit self-respect – and when you exhibit self-respect, others begin to respect you. You deserve to put yourself first, and you deserve respect. When others see that you treat yourself well, they are sure to follow suit.
– Maya Ackerman

Being a woman is often difficult. We are excellent multi-taskers by nature, and as a result, tend to wear many different hats throughout the day. There are children and friends and husbands and significant others and work to think about, let alone hobbies and PTA meetings and housework and a million other things. Unfortunately, with all this busyness, something usually gets left out.


So I’m here to encourage you…

Sometimes it’s OK to put yourself first

For many people, the idea of “putting yourself first” seems selfish, and many women especially wouldn’t dream of setting aside time to take care of her own needs before she’s met the needs of everybody else. But you’re not a superhero, you’re just a person, and your needs are just as valid as everyone else’s.

I know this probably seems a radical notion, but when’s the last time you said to yourself, “today I’m going to take care of me?” If you can’t remember when then it’s definitely time. The laundry, the meetings, and even your friends can wait.

Take some time for you, because you matter.


Intimately Yours,
– Marisa Leigh

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