Release your attachment to form

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All structures are unstable. I find myself always coming back to this statement.  Letting go of the attachment to form is the beginning of creating the unlimited reality you wish for.

I think now more than ever there is so much fear of the unknown. So many of us have lost savings, jobs, freedom, partners, family, friends.  Everything has changed, everything.  The world as we knew it will never be the same and coming to grips can be far from easy.

I do know though that saying goodbye is easier if we can become present to the infinite power and possibilities we have access to at any given moment. We cannot resist that which is and the only way to move forward is to put our life vests on and jump in the cold river.

Can you allow yourself to give it away, let it go, and know that it was not yours to keep?  Can you unravel, forgive, and expand into a new way of being? Can you trust in the process of that which you don’t understand?

A new way of being that is birthing something bigger, better, brighter and more fulfilling into your life.  It’s better than you knew before and guess what! You don’t need to know how, you just need to believe that something so amazing and beautiful is being prayed into existence. Just surrender uncertainty and fall into faith like you never have before.

Letting go to the attachment of form


Have you puts limits on your potential and what you truly want to give to this world? 

Can you follow the voice within you, the voice that that loves you unconditionally and believes in you and your ability to create your own heaven on earth?  Spending more time listening to the voice of your heart will allow more divinity to speak through you and to answer those questions you so want to have answers to.

Letting go to the attachment of the form and the recognition of the truth and beauty in the impermanence of everything is a true awakening to formless within yourself, that which is beyond death.

I wake up every day and pray and ask for guidance. Self-care and self-love right now is non-negotiable! If I don’t do it, I quickly unravel and fall into the darkness and fear of uncertainty.

Rhythm and rituals are getting me through this.  If you find yourself being taken by the fear, blame and the self doubt I cannot stress how important it is to maintain rhythms and rituals as a part of your daily routine.

Writing, journaling, mediating, yoga, dance, dog walks, move your body…

I highly recommend showing up for yourself, putting on something that makes you feel good, whether it’s a jewelry, makeup, something cute,  just do it, and I promise your spirit will lift higher.

One step at a time! I believe in you!


Intimately Yours
– Marisa

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