Before I dive into this article, a disclaimer.

I completely support the decision women take to devote their life to rearing their young. Yes, the grind can often get tedious but I have met ladies who are deliriously happy with the tasks that others may not look upon as particularly rewarding.


There is always room to bring up the topic of self-love.

Over the years boudoir has gotten accepted as mainstream photography. And it is even respected as a form of art.

However the breakthrough that warms all the cockles of my heart is the fact that new moms are embracing intimate photography and coming out to celebrate their motherhood with empowering, bold and even risque shoots that set the temperature soaring.

I have little patience for the trolls who hit back at these game changers with comments like, “Motherhood should be cherished in private.”

The joy of special moments multiplies when they are shared with wellwishers and friends.

So here is my four point checklist of why EVERY new other should opt for a post baby boudoir session.

Reconnect with Your Essence

Once a baby arrives, that little human being becomes the center of the universe for the proud parents. Taking care of a child requires constant vigilance, an admirable level of self control and unconditional love. But this total focus also brings with it neglect of the self. Most mothers find it extremely hard to carve time to unwind. And even when they do succeed, the so called relaxation is laden with guilt.

Shouldn’t they be actively nurturing the person they’ve created?

Without even realizing it, women make putting themselves last a habit. And their identity dissolves into their role of being a mother.

Boudoir is a jolt of awareness. It forces them to reconnect with their essence, their body and their uniqueness.

Clients walk away from sessions saying, “Yes! I am sexy. I am a mother but I am a desirable woman too.”

That is just marvelous.

Pay Homage to the Majesty of Your Body

Being pregnant is the ultimate alchemy. It literally distills life from chaos.

A boudoir shoot honors the incredible transformation that you go through to bring your child into the world.

It reveres your capacity to heal and your ability to sustain your little one.

A postpartum body is very different from the physique of a woman who has fully recovered from the miracle of being pregnant.

And it is worth documenting the magic. The curves are more pronounced. There is a subtle glow about the visage. And the secret smile of contentment!

A shutterbug’s dream.

A Legacy for Your Girl

Many women go for a postpartum boudoir session because they wish to embed a poignant life lesson in the glamorous clicks.

They want their daughters to realize that motherhood doesn’t take away from the wholeness of being a female. In fact it adds to the femininity. They want to gently drive home the message that being a caregiver is an amazing experience and though there are sacrifices required – the sacrifice of self love and happiness is never needed.

A Spark in the Relationship

The boudoir experience for new mothers goes up a notch when their spouses are there with them in the frames.

Not only does couple’s intimate photography force partners to look beyond the image of a “parent” and really see the appeal of the individual they had fallen in love with – all over again, it also works wonders for their self esteem.

They leave the studio exhilarated and in heightened anticipation of the photo reveals.

Post baby boudoir is not about vanity.

It is an antidote to feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

It is a return to your own power and worth.

It beautifully complements motherhood because a mom who’s confident in herself is a mom who makes wonders happen.

XX Marisa