Rum right?! Hohoho

With consumerism, the present state of world affairs, and the 24-hour compulsiveness to always be plugged in, it’s often challenging to truly feel connected to the divine, especially during the holidays.

The busyness of life always getting in the way, clouding our vision, our hearts, and our minds.

After the shopping, planning, cooking, baking, parties, and obligations, we barely have enough energy to make it through the end of the day, let alone find time to carve out for ourselves. Holidays can leave us feeling depleted, drained and vacant due t the lack of self care.

So here I am today, a couple days before Christmas making myself feel bad for all of the things I did not get done, so I remind myself to sit and pause, and ask the questions that keep me moving forward. Why do I feel this way? Where is it coming from? And how do I cultivate peace, and leave behind blame, and or shame?

The holidays can be a time of spiritual foresight, if you allow them to be. You have to break past the busyness of of the daily grind, make time and create a space to be silent.

How do you find the right answers if you don’t listen?


I am spirtual person. I don’t subscribe to any one doctrine but I do believe Christ is born into the world through each of us.  We all have have Christ conscienceless flowing through us, that was his message. The more forgiveness we have for ourselves, the more we have for others. The more love we have for ourselves the more we have for others. The more we open our hearts, the more the divine rushes through us.

We make choices everyday without really even thinking. Consumed by voices in our head, we often reject change, or the unknown. We mistake the voices as truth, which then limits our potential

To me, the true spirit of Christmas is rebirth, a new birth, into our possible, authentic selves. It is a new vision of our life that is intentionally created, a life were we become the conscience observer so we than can become the creator.

With more silence, and awareness, we can become greater than the emotions that have ruled our past. We can become greater than the mind and the body. It not easy though and it takes constant discipline, but the moment you love yourself enough to create that time for you, magic happens.

As I am reminding you, I am reminding me. Forgive yourself for whatever it is you are making yourself wrong for.

Love yourself for where you are, who you are, and expand your heart further than where it’s been before. Your rebirth is waiting for you!

With Love from Costa Rica!

Marisa Leigh