Playa Viva

Personal Stories

A few months ago I went to Mexico to help my dear friend Sarah out with starting her youtube channel, easy love.  

After missing my flight then my connection, I ended up in Mexico City. I left the airport against Curtis’s wishes in hopes to discover something worth while. That’s just what I do, adventure! Theres no adventure in the airport.  I’m a big girl and I do whatever I want, trailed through my mind. I’ll never be hurt and things always turn out to be ok is how I travel. So far so good.

I’ve traveled all over Europe alone, done some pretty boarder line not so smart things, but I never really questioned my safety more than once or twice. Some would argue I am crazy, naive, but I like to say, I just don’t assume negative shit is going to happen. Plain and simple.  Sure, I’m an optimist. You can call it luck, stupidity, or sorcery, I have always felt pretty safe walking around with my expensive camera gear.

This day was a different. Maybe it’s because I had Curtis in the back of my head reminding me that women get kidnapped and sold into the slave market, maybe it was just that we were driving through one of the sketchiest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen with a driver that did not speak english, or just maybe it was the 20,000 dollars worth of gear with me, or that I did not really know where I was going, either way, it was the longest 16 hours I’ve been stuck somewhere. 

Needless to say I could not get out of there fast enough! When I finally arrived to this magical, sustainable, off the grid, ocean side piece of paradise, my whole being shifted. It was immediate and in a instant and it was clear, Playa Viva can change your life. And it did…..

Check out our adventure here and check back in a few days! We got to shoot some sexy great photos on the beach and in the bungalows that I’ll be posting.

XX Marisa

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