Keeping it Sexy: Your Personality is the Best Accessory

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Keeping it Sexy: Your Personality is the Best Accessory

Our clothes and accessories are the ‘aces we keep up our sleeves’. We use fashion to express our style, likes, and even our dislikes.

Yet it’s possible to forget every now and then that being ‘dressed to kill’ is still a lesser priority than the personality filling the clothes.

You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room. You could be wearing the most expensive outfit in the room but it means nothing if your not living and breathing your authentic self. Yes, I know, wearing a great outfit can totally improve your mood, make you feel good, yes yes yes, but you are at your sexiest when you are being yourself. There’s no doubt about that.

Recently I heard that you have three seconds to make that first impression. That is not a lot of time and most of time and often I’m rarely in my best outfit, being that I live in my yoga clothes. So, I resort to what god gave me, my big smile followed by a warm hug. I might not always feel or look perfect, but when you look people in the eye, and you are just you, well I think people remember that and it sticks with them.

The trials of life can get us down, affecting the way we interact with others. If we don’t watch out, losing touch with who we our can become a long-term disorder like depression.

It’s important to wear your heart on your sleeve because it keeps you aware of yourself. Let yourself be happy, sad, or angry. Feel your emotions. Don’t hide them, or make excuses.  As long as we can be true to our emotions and not be shamed by them, everyday we will learn a little more about ourselves. Loving yourself, all of yourself, yes, even the dark parts, as we all have them, right! It’s ok to love it all! You have permission to LOVE it all and with that attitude you can walk into any room and whatever you are wearing and the truth you feel inside will outshine it all! 

Your personality is like the pair of earrings that always catch the right light and can glam up any outfit or hairstyle. It’s your asset in any given situation.

Treat it delicately, as you would a thin negligée. At the same time, recognize how it’s just as durable and reliable as the sturdiest pair of work boots. Your personality is your best accessory.

Dress it to the nines.


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