Have you ever spent a long amount of time away from your special someone? I’m not talking about a girl’s night or a weekend out of town on business. I’m talking about weeks that drag into months. For some people, these months even turn into years.


You might wonder how long-distance relationships keep that so-called “fire” burning across endless miles and, sometimes, separate lives. Although a certain level of commitment on both sides surely takes most of the credit, there is a lot to be said for creative flirting. From sending sweet texts or sharing silly pictures on Facebook to Skype dates that last for hours, technology has provided countless ways to connect to your lover whether you’re in the same room or not. Distance, however, doesn’t have to be the only catalyst for creativity in your relationship, because Boudoir is all about keeping it sexy every day.

To get his (and maybe your) juices flowing, try sending a sultry text like, “I miss you in a special way,” an hour or two before getting home from work. If you find yourself in a department store with some time on your hands, try on something new and send your honey a picture.

He might see your face every day, but to see it unexpectedly immediately excites him. On the phone you can talk about your body in relation to his. A simple, “I want to touch you,” will get his imagination headed in exactly the direction you want it to. If you’re really the creative type, making a sensory friendly meal or gift may be just the thing to turn you both on.

The state of being ‘Boudoir’ is believing that your desires and motivations can influence another person.

It’s a way of saying that you know what you want and that you have the ability to take action to get it. If you’re ever stuck for ideas with what to do to grab his attention, don’t underestimate the power of just saying, “I want it,” straight up. To him, your moments of naughty are as nice as they come.

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