Obsessions: Living them out in the boudoir

Boudoir State of Mind

Mason Cooley was right when he said the only way to cure an obsession is to get another. And I personally feel that our obsessions define who we become in life. Mine was to capture beautiful and passionate moments with gorgeous women in their glorious best, for each and every person to admire.

And look where it has landed me:
Obsessions within the Boudoir. ☺ 

I literally can’t imagine my world, my existence without that intoxicating click of the camera and the pregnant anticipation as each perfect image reveals itself under the expert ministrations of my hands. 

Photography is my passion. And I have nurtured it into an obsession. 

But not all obsessions can be shared with the world. Some are meant to stay close to the bosom. And be a cherished secret. Some are meant to undulate with froth and fervor against the bedrock of our psyche and influence our motivations in the subtlest ways. Obsessions are tricky. They are intense. And an intimate session is the best way to play them out. And treasure the result forever! 


I have said it before and I will say it again. A boudoir experience with the right lens-woman and the right reasons is transformative! It is cathartic. And it puts you in touch with deep recesses of your soul you didn’t know existed. You give in to shyness and exhibitionism with equal ardor. Unless a woman has been through the boudoir womb, she is not cognizant of her own true self. 

And it is only natural that the appreciative ambience of an intimate shoot and the dispassionate, objective eye of the camera be the stage upon which obsessions come to rule. 

Is there something that you have always wanted to express but feel it goes against your genteel upbringing? Is there a seductress and sex goddess hiding behind the façade of the suave corporate lady? Have you always hankered for your Christian Grey and your Red Room of Pain? And have you kept these desires and needs suppressed to conform to what is expected of you? 

Think for a moment. Think real hard. And you will get an answer so emphatically affirmative that you might shock your image of who you are. 

Well my lovelies, the parlor is open. And the lights are turned down low. There is no leash on your wild side. And no repercussions! You can spin the web and enslave as many as you want. Or you can step in willing and compliant to be overpowered and taken. 

Obsessions are my daily game. And I have seen them all. 

From bold extreme shoots to leather and lace, handcuffs tableaux. From the seething passion of a couple’s embrace to an intimate display of ‘assets’ fond partners are obsessed with! 

Come and tell me what you want. And I will give you the freedom you need. I do not judge…I do not tell. My lips are sealed and my camera is ready for the next adventure. 

Your partner-in-obsession, 


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