Ok, hold up! What does your ego have anything to do with Boudoir Photography?! The average woman looks in the mirror and has something critical to say about her body! Literally this is ridiculous and yet it’s so true. We have this ego, this personality that looks for something to identify itself with and then compares itself to others. We’ve all been there and done it.
The ego is like an onion with all the layers, the odor of unresolved past issues, negative self talk, comparison to others and a little victim here and there with a “I’m not fit enough, I wish I looked more like her, I don’t have this, don’t have that kind of bullshit.” Well it’s time to rip those layers off and show up to the true core of who you are. What is this light that shines in the feminine, the bearer of the children of the world, the womb of man, the source of life? This essence has reared its roots and wants to be ignited, discovered and loved!
So how about becoming more aware of those self sabotaging thoughts and breaking the vicious cycle? We all have stories, it’s just a part of taking on this adventure of life and revealing our true essence. However it does take a lot of time and energy to redirect our thoughts and actions. Not easy but simple. It’s really great and encouraged to listen to an inspiring podcast about empowering women, read a motivational self help book, or attend a self growth workshop.
The key is how do we consistently stay in a positive mind/body relationship and look in the mirror and love this feminine goddess that’s looking back at us? 
The secret… be consistent in your daily practice (YES, tune out the noise!!!) ask yourself empowering questions, surround yourself with uplifting people that reflect and inspire the greatness in you and be patient with yourself! The magic will unfold through gaining a more self aware state of being. The change always happens in the mind first and then the body follows… 
So what’s going on in your mind right now? Ready to be challenged and face that ego? Hopefully that answer is yes.
Believe it or not a Bespoke Boudoir experience is quite enlightening and we have hundreds of women that will contest to that! Our mission here at Boudoir LA is about inspiring women to live the greatest versions of themselves and help re-discover the radiant ART of who they are. Photography emits a story of the present moment when it’s captured and we want to capture those fierce, ready, kickass women to create the ultimate sexy, self loving experience through art!