Inspirational Story: The Power of Positive Thinking

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Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Your behavior shapes your reality, but it’s your thoughts which shape your behavior. There is a strong link between body and mind, and learning to control your thoughts will give you more power over your body. Basically, if you want to change your life, you have to change your thoughts.


It Starts with a Mindset

Changing the way you think can be daunting at first, but being willing to try is the first step towards achieving this change. It all centers on intentionality. For example, if you’re trying to exercise more, the first step is getting off the couch and putting on your trainers. Developing a mindset is an exercise of the mind: it requires motivation, determination, and patience. You can’t expect yourself to immediately eradicate all negative thoughts from the very beginning, because the muscle that creates the positive thoughts won’t be strong enough until you’ve trained it.


Start Small

Lao Tzu once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Pick one thing that you want to change, and focus your energy on it. Do you have a problem with negative self-talk? Write out motivational sayings on post-it notes and stick them in places where your forced to see them.You want to boost the positivity in your life and take the energy away from the negative. In doing so, you might not see the immediate changes, but your body will have already begun the biochemical process towards change. It’s even scientifically proven that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, will make you happier.


Be Patient with Yourself

Like all things in life, if you want things to change, you have to work to change them, but don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t happen all at once. You will have off days, that’s ok, you’re a human being. It’s definitely a process. but developing a positive mindset is the key to long term success and happiness in this life, and you are the one who is in charge of shaping it.

It’s a wonderful feeling to realize this, to know that you are not powerless, that you are instead strong and capable. The opportunity for you to live the life you want lies before you, all you have to do is reach out and take it.


“Today, you have the opportunity to transcend from a disempowered mindset of existence to an empowered reality of purpose-driven living. Today is a new day that has been handed to you for shaping. You have the tools, now get out there and create a masterpiece.” ― Steve Maraboli

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