Is self love necessary? How self love and acceptance change lives

Self Love, You Are Beautiful

Dear You, make peace with the woman in the mirror and watch the reflection change! 

It’s easy to say “love yourself”. 

But in all my years as a boudoir photographer and an aspiring dancer, I have never really found someone who said the path to self love and acceptance is easy. 

You, I am talking to you….please listen up. You were not responsible for the gropings and the unwanted attention that were forced upon you when you were 14. You didn’t “ask for it”, no matter what anyone says. 

So you didn’t get a frigging bachelors – that doesn’t make you any less smart than the other women you rub shoulders with. Remember what Einstein had said, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will lead its whole life believing it’s stupid. 

You are a gorgeous diamond in the rough. You just need to find the tool that will bring out your incandescence and allow your light to shine bright. 

The lashes from that abusive relationship are refusing to heal? Do you see only flaws when you stand in front of the mirror? Do you try to hide those freckles, and correct that posture – but all in vain? 

Well science has confirmed that men actually love the little quirks and imperfections that make us unique. There is no reason to put off the inevitable anymore. Even though it’s scary, you have to embrace the truth. 

The truth that you are born just as you were meant to be. You have all the skills, the strength and the capacity you need to face the challenges that come your way. The universe doesn’t make any mistakes! 

You – with the crooked front teeth, the ADD, the extra few pounds and the button nose – are PERFECT. 

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The Problem with Perfection: 

It’s not a sin to court perfection. The “ONE” definition of perfection is the main problem. With 7 billion human beings, how can there be a single model of rightness? 

Everyone is perfect – perfectly gifted to reach their purpose and live a life of bliss. The divine mix is already here. What we lack is the catalyst to ignite us with passion. 

That Catalyst is Self-Love: 

As above, so below. I believe in a slightly different take of this aphorism. As inside, so outside. 

What we see around us is a mirror image of the universe within. There is a reason why different parts of our body can be likened to celestial creations

We hold within ourselves the miracle of life. We are walking, talking worlds. It goes without saying that once we recognize the fact that we are all there is and we are adequate, an acceptance of our unique self sets in. 

Self love suddenly becomes the logical state of being. Because we stop beating ourselves up for the mistakes and look at experiences from the perspective of valuable lessons. We stop trying to “right” the “wrong” and instead focus on being happy in the now. 

Self love changes how we view situations and it changes how we react. Just ask yourself the question, “Would someone who loves herself take this action?” whenever you are faced with a choice and feel the difference. Decisions become easier and sit so much lighter. 

You stop existing and start living. You have more to give those who matter. 

Your world changes. And so does your reflection. 

Trust me on this one! 

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