Boudoir During Covid

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As humans we’ve had to overcome many challenges and countless sacrifices. In each generation has something to overcome and luckily for most of us, we’ve had it pretty easy.  NEVER is history have we had to come together to one fight one common enemy at the same time.

This war is to be fought in the comfort of our own homes and although we are all going a little stir crazy, I do believe this is something we can all come together on.

Yes, I do believe there is far too much fear being pumped into the media and things are getting a bit crazy, but I do know there are incredibly brave individuals out there on the front lines putting themselves and their families at risk everyday.

These amazing people are the heroes of this nation and we should be doing whatever they ask of us and with god speed hopefully soon we can get back to normal.

Until then as a portrait and boudoir photographer this is very well be my new normal. As many of us a large part of what I do on a daily basis has come to a complete halt and as all of us, I’ve had my good and not so good days, but I am remaining positive.

I will always find a way turn pain in beauty and find strength in knowing I am learning and growing in new ways no matter what the challenge is.

Boudoir during Covid seems pretty grim right now but I will be turning my attention to my never ending list of personal projects. Maybe I’ll get to finish my boudoir book and new website that I’ve been wanting to finish for some time now.

Boudoir during Covid

Feeling grateful to be in my beautiful spacious home and having lots more time to enjoy long walks with the pups I’ve come across some amazing locations, this being one of them and I was inspired to get out and create some artistic nudes, quarantine style.

Disclaimer, there is no train that travels this track and my model was not in danger.

Sending my LOVE to ya’ll. I hope you are all finding ways to stay creative and blossom in this challenging time.



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