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A muse! Who is she? An archetypal goddess beautiful and terrible…raining her inspiration on mere mortals and taking it away at the slightest misdemeanor? Or the gentle voice inside you that urges you to act when you behold vistas that affect your mind and soul?
No matter which definition you go by, a muse is an essential ingredient of the creative brew!So where does your intimate shoot figure in the equation you ask?
Today I am going to shift the focus from you and your perspective of the boudoir to talk about that artist with a lens who goes about manifesting your vision. Your photographer!


Epic boudoir shoots aren’t about hiring a camera wielder and going through the motions. It is a sensitive process that is often transformational, often cathartic and always full of the emotional high of self-discovery. A great intimate session is a blast of positive energy that can wipe out your preconceived notions about your attractiveness, your beauty, and your impact and give you new eyes to admire yourself with. And it must be just perfect to capture memories that you will cherish forever. 

It is thus important for you to not only feel comfortable with your photographer but actually go ahead and forge a nourishing mutual bond wherein you draw strength to bloom as the diva you are from her dispassionate companion and her impassioned praise and she in turn looks to you to find all the elements needed to create magic in the studio, balancing your raw appeal with your innocence and egging on your sensuality, only to hold the reins with sophistication. 

You must be her muse so that she can set you free!! 



You and your photographer do not need to get matched tattoos or proclaim undying loyalty for things to click in place. Often just a little bit of extra thought and time can work wonders, elevating the final shoot images from good to life-changing. 

  • When you meet for the first time, make sure your schedule is clear. Intimate sessions are never really dry or commercial. They dabble in emotions. Most boudoir artists are sensitive professionals who do not approach their craft as a mere career. For them, it is serving a higher purpose. If you imbue the interactions with friendliness and a genuine desire to have an amazing shoot, you will find that your photographer will reciprocate in kind. Connect with her on some human level, above and beyond your contract and you will see the results in the final shots. Trust me!  


  • Have your vision boards ready to go. Give your photographer plenty to go by. Show her how you envision the shoot unfolding and tease her with glimpses of your fantasies and desires. Is it a Mata-hari you see in your intimate session? Or the High Priestess of a pagan temple? Share your thoughts so that you can share the glory as well. You may even invite her to a boudoir shoot Pinterest board and build the theme together, from scratch. 


  • Tell her all about the incidents that have changed your course of existence. There is nothing to hide from your photographer. Baring your secrets and your scars will give her a much better understanding of who you are – as an individual, as a mother, a lover and a spouse. It will truly ignite the fires of creativity in her belly and allow her to leverage all her expertise and techniques to create settings and ambiances that put you and your presence center-stage, in loving and flattering ways.  

A muse is said to be elusive. But at the end of the day, her job is to inspire. Motivate yourself and your boudoir photographer to bring your collective best on the journey. Sometimes a catalyst is needed to create history. 



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