What it Means to Be a Modern Diva

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What it Means to Be a Modern Diva

I am perpetually amazed by the number of strong women that are in this world, and so many of them have no idea! They balance jobs, relationships, and responsibilities, and still find time to give back and create, and then still don’t think what they do is enough. We’re all under so much pressure to be wonder woman, and we think that if we can’t conquer the world, and do it in heels, we aren’t up to par.

Unless we can do everything, we don’t think we are good enough. This is nonsense.

I present to you an alternative, a little something known as a Modern Diva.

First, let’s break the phrase apart. A diva is someone who knows what she’s worth and won’t settle for anything less. A diva is someone who knows her limitations but doesn’t let them define her. She’s someone who has put in time and talent, someone who continues to put in time and talent, into achieving her dreams, and won’t let what anyone says or thinks of them stand in their way. A diva is confident, self-assured, unwavering, but she is also human. She is sometimes afraid, but she decides that her dreams are more important than her fears.

Most importantly, she doesn’t give up before she’s even started. She doesn’t think, well, if they don’t like me what’s the point? If I can’t do everything perfectly, why should I try? She doesn’t let little things like “no,” or “we’ve chosen someone else for the job” stop her in her tracks. She considers these bumps in the road are part of the journey.

And right, modern, modern means that she’s living now.

What other people think or say about you is not who you are. You are who you decide that you are. And I’m telling you right now, decide to be a Modern Diva. Decide that nothing will stand in your way. Use the strength already inside of you to transform your dreams into reality, and never let fear be the barricade that holds you back.

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