Vulnerability, A Catalyst for Change

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I so often I feel that I’m never going to arrive at where I want to be. I’ll never be the artist I’ve always dreamt of being, never being able to fully express myself or understand the emotions that keep me from being free. Emotions that can run me over, break me down, and tear me apart.

I want to be greater than my environment, greater than the conditions of my life, greater than the feelings memorized in my body. The journey to the divine is daily practice with introspection, discipline and mindfulness.

These daily actions are often met with resistance, as my journey to greatness comes with a whole lot of deep rooted fear. I’ve been digging at this fear for a long time and this can drive me a bit mad because the deeper I dig, the more shit I see, and the deeper I need to dig. Sometimes It feels like this hole I’m digging will never end, and maybe it won’t, and maybe that’s the part of the journey I need to accept. There’s always going to be more shit! and that’s OK!

We need to remind ourselves that comparison can be a thief of happiness! It seems that more than ever we are measuring ourselves next to the lives our instagram feed. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that are traveling the world, dining like royalty, lodging like rockstars, and prancing their selfie loving self around like life is a fanstasic self indulgent dream.

No one is perfect! No one has it all! There is always a balance of yin and yang and just because we can’t see it, we often forget, nothing is ever as it seems.

We must step back. Take moments of silence and self reflection. It is in these moments we can connect to our vulnerability. Yes, being vulnerable can be challenging, but I believe that is is where your true genius lives.


Vulnerability is a catalyst for a change in the challenges in our life

Being a boudoir photographer I have learned a lot about women and I have seen many transform right in front of my eyes. It can happen so fast. Once we let go of the fear, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, love our bodies and embrace our unique beauty, a new woman emerges, a new lightness of being arrives.

I feel blessed everyday to do what I do because it reminds me of the power we have and how it’s always waiting there for us to grab it, own it and transform the world with it!

When it all seems too much, I try and remember, one step at a time Marisa, one step will lead to all the other steps. I just need to get up and put one foot in front the other, one thought, and effort forward. How can I be more honest, and vulnerable? These are the steps that bring me closer to wisdom and further from ego.

This image is a self portrait I took of myself in Costa Rica a few months ago. I love stairs. Then come up a lot in dreams for me and I’ve always wanted to do create a beautiful photo in one. When I saw this staircase in the photos of the airbnb house in Mal Pais, I booked it without even talking to anyone else. I had to have it and I’m glad I did.

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