While some might claim to have known a lady’s sex life can affect her quality of life, the link is not always taken seriously. – Susan Davis, Women’s Health Research Director, Monash University


Ladies, it’s time to talk seriously. When you think of happiness, what comes to mind? A day at the beach? A tall glass of merlot and a bubble bath? Some much needed one-on-one time with that special someone? A combination of the three?

Women are beautiful, complicated creatures, and as a result, the key to our happiness in the bedroom is so much more than just the act itself. Instead, it’s about having the confidence to express ourselves without inhibitions or fear of rejection. Intimacy depends on trust, and a woman who feels loved and desired will be happier in other aspects of her life.

Despite the facts, developing this trust and easy intimacy with another person it’s not always so simple, because there’s no universal formula to relationships. Sometimes you can feel more at ease with a perfect stranger than you can with someone you’ve known for ten years.

So what are the keys to experiencing sexual happiness?

It begins with trust and ends with courage. A woman who loves herself will be more open to feeling that love returned. But that’s just the beginning.

The second step is to find someone who understands your value and is willing to respect and cherish it, whether it’s for a single night, a lifetime, or any length of time in between.