Shine On, Be You

May 5, 2020 | Boudoir Tips, for photographers

Shine On, Be You… is this week’s inspiring boudoir tips

It is time for you to play big friends. I want you to become passionately curious about always diving deeper into you, and why you create. What makes you shine bright, and be you? I want you to allow the child inside you to run wild, and free. I want you to be a conduit through which miracles occur.

Running a successful studio is not easy by any measure and you may not have what it takes. With the combination of long hours, wearing multiple hats, delegation, personality, marketing, branding, dedication, flexibility, sacrifices, photoshop, editing skills, equipment, discipline, professionalism and uncertainty you bet you’ll need a big reason to what gets you out of bed everyday. 

Are you passionate about helping women and inspiring them to see themselves in new ways? Are you passionate about creating artwork that will be celebrated for a century to come? Why? What is it inside of you that wants to create? I want you to ask yourself this question often. What makes you see the world the way you do?

The path never ends and you can always go deeper.

Your story, your why will keep the fire burning, so feed it often, and bask in it’s glow. 

As a visual artist, a human, a woman that has dedicated her life to proclaiming my personal power, strength and beauty,  I can surmise that it is a daily battle. A daily battle that is consistent with self love and forgiveness.

Shine on be you

Putting ourselves out there for the world to be seen and judged is brave. Being seen is something I battle with everyday and I win a lot, but sometimes I lose. It’s not always going to go as planned and it’s easy to throw grenades at ourselves for our mistakes.

Let the inner critic die. I want to stress how important it is to feel the feelings, but that doesn’t mean you have to believe them. Be an observer, allow yourself time to feel then move to the next battle with more wisdom. 

The courage to share your creativity with the world takes a whole lot of self love and I’m so grateful you are her. I would like to remind you that, your potential is limitless.

Don’t try and be appropriate, don’t try and be socially acceptable, don’t compare or worry what others may think of you, so shine on, be you!

Here’s a link to some of my favorite uplifting quotes!


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