Fine Art Intimates – Step out of your box

For Photographers, How to prepare

It’s time to get out of the box you’re in.

My focus is on the transformative experience Boudoir Photography offers.  It’s not about snapping scantily clad women with clichéd “come hither” looks and stock poses.  I believe a Boudoir session is collaboration between artist and subject. 

We are creating ART together, something that ought to be so beautiful and unique that the results of which are magazine and museum quality fine art. There is a seedier more tawdry element operating in the world of boudoir these days and you just have to see the difference in such work as compared to true Boudoir to know which is art, which is the photograph that can strengthen a woman’s spirit. 

It enhancers her life as opposed to depicting her as merely a sexual object, that so happens to be badly draped over a piece of furniture with flat lighting.  My philosophy is to be intentional in everything I do. I take a Luxury Bespoke approach, with every step of the shoot customized to the client’s specific needs and desires.  What story are you telling with your photography?

Through images, I craft a narrative to capture a woman who is proud of who she is, and also of who she is becoming.  As intimate photographers, we are heirs to a unique history that extends for generations.  Our photos should reflect the nature of this heritage and we should aim to create art that is worthy of being called “Boudoir.”

I want you to be inspired by my experiences, to take what speaks to you and utilize it to propel your business to the next level.  A woman’s greatest beauty lies not in the skin she exposes, but rather the strength of her spirit shining brightly when she feels most vulnerable.

It is your job to capture the process and to give her the confidence to go to places she might never have been before. The whole purpose of Boudoir Photography is to help women learn to truly love and respect their bodies and themselves; to understand that being sexy starts with pleasing yourself, not somebody else.

Helping women realize how valuable they are is essential in today’s society, and is an honor for me as a photographer.

Get out of the box, do something wild, blow your own damn mind. Take your boudoir to the next level with Fine Art Intimates. Offer something so special and unique that no one can touch you. Reach down deep in your soul and create the art I know you so badly want to create!


Here are some of my own boudoir art favorites from my new light and shadow portfolio. 

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