Multiple personalities carry with them a whisper of stigma. The very word calls up images of troubled souls – of Sybil and Eve. Of anguish and pain! Oh what it must be like to have your physical space constantly violated by alien beings and presences. No wonder the medieval folks confused multiple personality disorder with possession – in the supernatural sense.

As Halloween comes knocking at the door, my mind turns to the contemplation of the dark and the enigmatic. The veil sways precariously allowing influences to reach out and affect the corporeal. As I sit rocking in my favorite chair, the persona of the bright and professional intimate photographer abandoned for a while, I think! I think about the true meaning of having multiple personalities.



It haunts each and every one of us! It is the turmoil in the pit of your stomach as you feel your limbs come alive with a life of their own, pushing you towards acts unknown and desires unrecognized.

We are taken over by a motivation that we can’t call our own. The timid housewife spends a night of passion with the passing sales guy. The meek and mild man down the street risks his life to save a child. The miserly Scrooge digs deep into his pockets for the sovereign that can buy the turkey for the Cratchits.

Some put it down to human whimsy. Some call it a sudden stroke of inspiration or desperation – as the case may be. But rocking with the ticks that come from somewhere deep within my apartment, I know the profound truth. That you are not you! That I am not me! We all carry within ourselves the loves, lusts, desires and fears of a myriad other personalities. Personalities that stay slumbering until an event or an incident leaves a mark that cuts deep enough to nudge them to wakefulness.

And once awake – they must be fed. Their hunger slaked with the acknowledgement of their actions and the execution of their intentions!

And if the thought of raising from the recesses this strange transformation doesn’t leave you scared or apprehensive, I invite you to commit to a boudoir session.

Where the witching hour of liberation is always close at hand! Where you can hear the insistent knocks of those who are intangible yet very much present!

Do you have it in you to let them out??

If you are strong my lovelies…keep reading.



You can go with a fluffy bridal session. Or you can tag your significant other along to capture moments of raw sexual appeal. To have and to cherish for the rest of your life! I do not judge. I merely practice my art. And speak when knocked for advice.

But every once in a while a woman comes to me – with the thirst to unleash the hungry fragments of her soul that she knows lurk in the dark. And that is when I suggest the Multiple Personalities Boudoir shoot.

And here is how you go about preparing for one:

  • Sit down in a quiet place and ask yourself some tough, controversial questions. Would you steal your friend’s husband if repercussions were not a factor? Would you love to cheat on your spouse if the opportunity presented itself on a lonely island? Would you kill for that promotion? Chuck the morals aside. We are unlocking the cage and letting ‘them’ out.
  • Once you know your own limits, create your vision board. Label each personality. The lethal seductress. Will she deign to appear in front of the lens in a sheer gown? Or will a glass of martini cover her modesty? The self-sacrificing woman of love. How will she like to be captured for eternity?
  • Talk to your photographer. Settings are important. Just a change of clothes and expressions will not suffice. You will be dancing the ancient dance of liberation. The surroundings need to change with your mood.
  • Last but not the least….suspend reality. Just dive into the nuances, habits and quirks of each persona that you have identified. Live its life. In clicks and snaps.

When the session wraps and you reach the comfort of your bedroom, you will realize something shocking. That these personalities have been your friends- ever since you gained consciousness! And you do not want to lose any! You my precious will walk with a lift in your steps and your vixen eyes will mock the world.

I do not tell lies. I have witnessed these conflations. And I know their impact.

So are you game??