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Ellen Von Unwerth

“Technique undoubtedly helps make photography magical, but I prefer to work with the atmosphere.

I think that the obsession with technique is a male thing. Boy’s toys.

They love playing.. but once you’ve perfected something, you have started searching for a new toy.

I would rather search for a new model or location.” ― Ellen Von Unwerth


The tantalizing work of Ellen Von Unwerth is something that, once seen, will not easily be forgotten.

To call her photographs sexy is an understatement, as she has effectively taken the world of fashion erotica and stamped her name across it.

She can take everyday items and make them fabulous, just like she can take the world’s most beautiful people and make them timeless. Model-turned-fashion photographer, Von Unwerth’s illustrious photographs have been featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair alongside countless commercial ads and editorial pieces.

Although she’s almost sixty, she has shown no sign of stopping, and her recent work is just as outstanding as it has been in decades past. Ellen von Unwerth consistently pushes the boundaries of what is considered “normal” in the fashion world.

Her brazen style and innate talent for casting and photographing models who pull in viewers is an inspiration to many who are trying to break out in the world of photography.

She teaches us to be bold, to be fearless in our art, because the risks we take are what we will be remembered for.

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