Monday Muse: Phoebe Boswell

Inspirational Women

Phoebe Boswell is a Kenyon British Artist that creates immersive installations and large bodies of work.

I was drawn immediately to her unique methods of pencil on paper, subject matter and the feeling of love, support, teamwork, community, challenges, fragility, sacrifice and ingenuity.  All of it.  I find it very moving and it would be so amazing to see live.  I just want to stare at and study the details.  Don’t you love art work that makes you think and ask questions?


I thinking drawing, painting , writing, or anything really, when you are tapped in, you just start downloading.

Like Boswell I can relate to her constant search for home in her art work.  We are all looking for home, but more often than not the true feeling of home comes in waves and can be sparse if you are not coming back often to refill and regain the limitlessness inside you.

It is within what you are creating, or in service to that the prayer speaking through you can be heard. When time and space collapse, something divine is now speaking through through you. Not only is it whispering colors and words onto paper but it’s just flowing out of you, like a giant undersea river, sometimes in soft waves and other in a storm of chaos.

You are making something for someone, somewhere you have not met yet, but needs this piece. You are a speaking in light, colors and shapes. Artists like Phoebe Boswell are inspiring a new generation of unique black women in art supporting the rise of the fully expressed divinity in women.

Check out her website for so much more.

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