How to Shoot with the Best Boudoir Photographer in Los Angeles?

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So you have calmed the jittery nerves.

You’ve drummed up enough courage.

You’ve even done a little dancing in your birthday suit and found the reflection to your satisfaction. (Oh come on, we’ve all done that!)

Now it’s time to choose a photographer you can unleash your inner rebel and make your intimate shoot memorable.

That’s where so many well-intentioned Google searches go wrong.

Finding the best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles is one the most challenging parts of your quest.

Cause you need to go beyond the obvious.

You need to read between the lines and find the hidden gem whose camera will electrify your clicks.

So here are my 5 top (little known and even less shared) tips that are half the battle won.

#1. Consider Ignoring Google

The reason is simple. Google is not a human being. And it is not “intelligent”. It doesn’t possess discernment. While some of the search results for the keyword “best boudoir photographer in Los Angeles” may be legitimately amazing professionals who worship their craft, the majority of them are sites with large volumes of backlinks.

I was recently conducting SEO research and found photographers who had hundreds of coupon platforms connecting to their websites.

These businesses rank fairly high because of all the link love.

But I tend to introspect.

Why would a top-grade boudoir professional need to advertise on coupon sites in the first place?

Totally not saying coupons and talent are mutually exclusive.

But it just strengthens the case for recommendations.

Ask around.

Do you friends rave about someone?

Have you met an endearing young photographer at a Lifestyle expo?

They may be as solid a bet as anything Google can spit out.

#2. Look up Studio Location

Some ladies are comfortable shooting out of a basement.

I am not judgmental about these things.

But I have seen so many women disappointed by the “setting” of their special day.

A boudoir session is almost like getting intimate. Only it is with yourself.

So you need to feel special. You need to be exported to a place that’s out of the ordinary.

A lavish studio with quality props and a great view just takes things up a notch.

It is better to know in advance than to show up and have your hopes dashed.

#3. Review Mining

An extremely important step.

Don’t stop at “Before” and “After” pictures. They never reveal the full story.

Boudoir is less a genre and more an approach.

A proficient intimate photographer who really respects her work looks upon each assignment as a transformational journey. 

Thus she is a guide, counselor and fashion expert to her client.

And this kind of support makes a world of difference.

When you go review hunting, finding possible negative comments shouldn’t be the priority.

You need to mine the reviews for insights.

What sets the professional apart?

Is it photoshop skills?

Or is it a genuine understanding of the fact that the boudoir studio is a chrysalis – one from which women emerge with a love for themselves and a sense of pride for their accomplishments?

#4. Diversity Makes Magic

Obvious but often ignored.

It is tempting to gaze for hours at model thin bodies and breath-taking silhouettes.

And then book a session with the photographer in hopes of recreating the magic.

But a dose of reality is a great help when looking for a boudoir pro.

I am always more impressed by variety in a portfolio.

I want to see the size zeros set off by mature curves.

I want to see all races and ethnicities represented.

A professional who has done it all will be more capable of according your unique frame the appreciation it deserves.

Perfection isn’t a particular standard of cosmetic beauty.

You realize that.

And your intimate photographer should also subscribe to this sentiment.

#5. Photoshoped Beyond Recognition

Most boudoir clicks are softened to blur unsightly marks or redness.

But galleries full of images that are doctored beyond recognition are a sign of two things:

  1. The professional doesn’t know how to work with lights.
  2. The professional is not aware of the ways in which a body can be arranged to highlight desirable features

Both are cardinal sins.

How do you detect massive photoshop use?

The human-ness is lost. Women end up looking the same. And the spark is gone from the clicks.

You’ll recognise that plastic look the moment you see it.

This is a rather important topic of conversation.

Working with the best boudoir photographer gives you the freedom to be yourself because the person on the other side of the camera understands the technicalities.

You can focus on looking and feeling your best.

That’s what makes an epic intimate session. 

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