How to Create a Deluxe Boudoir Experience, Every time

A deluxe boudoir experience doesn’t start at the shoot.

It starts the moment you decide to take the plunge and bare yourself to your scrutiny.

A deluxe boudoir experience can’t be “bought”.

Yes, you can book a VIP package that costs thousands of dollars and have the finest trappings of luxury at your disposal.

Still, in my opinion, it will not be something worth cherishing, unless you embrace the required mindset.

Because sweethearts, like it or not how much you rock your boudoir session largely depends on what goes on between your ears.

No photographer will share these secrets because most aren’t aware of your hold ups and insecurities.

They’ll try their best to offer you a session that’s technically impeccable – lights, make-up, location and all that jazz.

However, I have said it once and I’ll say it again – you are in control of your intimate shoot. And you can make or break it.


3 Ways to Make a Memorable Boudoir Experience:

#1: [Pre-Consultation] Make peace with the devil

Acknowledge the fact that you are NOT in complete love with your body. No one is. Because that’s mythical perfection and if we were already there, the cosmetic companies wouldn’t be getting richer by the second.

Boudoir is not about glossing over your imperfections and living with rose colored glasses. It is about celebrating the aspects of your being that are different from the accepted standards of beauty. Remember what Cindy Crawford said? She gladly accepted the fact that even she doesn’t roll out of bed looking like a diva capable of gracing the covers of fashion magazines.

Before you pick up the phone and talk to a photographer accept one thing:

  • You are doing this for yourself. Even if the images will ultimately be a gift for a significant other, the session is a testament to your confidence and your ability to appreciate the evolution of your body.


#2: [Post-Consultation] Take it on as a project

This happens way too often.

We seek an out of the world experience.

But we often don’t take initiative.

We expect a serendipitous confluence of events that will make us incredibly happy.

Yet, we don’t invest the needed positive energy. 

So be deliberate about what you want out of the boudoir session.

It is your day of pampering and the more intent and ideas you bring to the table the more energy there is to fead off of.

Define what you would like to reveal and what is a strict no-no.

Consult with your photographer about your wardrobe.

You won’t be “annoying” them if you ask for advice. It is part of your package and if they don’t tell you there are going to help and assist you in leading you in the right direction, well then, they are not a pro.

Take excellent care of your skin and your hair. Moisturize frequently and drink lots of water for the inner radiance to shine through.

Peruse make-up options. Powder based cosmetics tend to settle in fine lines and grooves – so refrain from these, especially if you are on the drier side to begin with.

Bottom-line – don’t leave anything to chance. Well you can, but it won’t be as great as it could be! Preparation creates the opportunity for success!


#3: [At the Shoot] Personalize the session 

Make it all about you!

Carry the jam that gets you swaying and puts you in the groove. You don’t have to try and pose to the rhythm of your photographer’s favorite music.


You should feel like a super star and the tunes that set your blood on fire and make your pulse quicken also lift your spirits and get you out of your shell of inhibition.

What would you like to nibble on?

Let your photographer know!

Don’t end up with a platter of cheese if you’re lactose intolerant. Most photographers would be glad to stock the refreshments their clients love. And again, this isn’t an inconvenience. It is all a part of making your day worth your while.

If you’ve always imagined seeing yourself a certain way, carry the props that can make the vision a reality. Consult with the expert behind the camera but don’t be afraid to experiment.

You have more power than you can ever imagine.

In all areas of life.

So start wielding it.

Creating a deluxe boudoir experience for yourself is just the beginning!