Boudoir Shoot Must Haves Are The Often Forgotten Things That Matter

So…you have taken the plunge. You are going to bare all in front of the camera and you have already made up your mind that you will love it!

And don’t get me wrong, you most certainly will.

In fact your first shoot is going to transform you in ways you never thought possible. Once the glamorous, glossy images come by, you will fall in love with the sexy and confident woman pouting in the clicks.

But between the euphoria of actually going to the session and receiving the rewards of your show of strength and independence, there comes a shaky moment. Or two. Or three.

That is when your photographer prepares to aim the lens and capture you for eternity.

Thoughts like, “Crap…what have I gotten myself into?”

Oh dear..who am I kidding!” (*Rhetorical of course)

It’s perfectly natural – everyone succumbs to the jitters.

However, there is no reason why you should.

That’s why I want to put the spotlight on three simple things that most women tend to overlook but which can make a world of difference to your state of mind just before the shoot picks up momentum.

#1. Your Favorite Music

Music soothes the soul. It seeps into your being and directly impacts your mood and even your physiognomy.

Research proves that music can nurture life or take it away.

So solicit the help of this powerful ally when you sail forth to conquer the boudoir canvas. Photographers will have some sort of rhythm in place to pump your adrenaline. But why settle for unknown melodies when you can jive to your favorites? Take time to compile a special playlist of tracks that make you feel empowered and emboldened.

Have a “preparation” tune that will play in the background as you go for hair and make-up. The simple familiarity of the notes will put you at ease. And by the time you amble up to the camera – you will be ready to #slay!

#2. Hydration

Again grossly underrated.

You don’t want to feel bloated and pressured to visit the loo, but staying internally hydrated by sipping a liquid you love is the very best thing you can do for yourself prior to a session.

When your body is parched simple tensions escalate. The mere anticipation of the event can cause you to sweat or otherwise lose precious minerals. Unless you replenish the reserves, excitement can quickly become panic.

Carry your Evian with you if you don’t want to take your fill of the bubbly at the shoot. But don’t disregard this advice.

#3. Your Favorite Pose

Isn’t the photographer supposed to guide you?

Yes. The professional you hire to bring your sassy avatar to life will bring a lot of experience to the table. She will position your arms in a way that flatter, ask you to point your toes and give your frame a sinuous and enticing shape.

BUT your mind doesn’t understand that. Your logic grasps this concept. Your emotions don’t. To them the shoot is the worst idea in the world till you see the raw clicks and your jaws (hopefully) drop.

So prepare for the contingency.

Visit some lingerie sites and mimic the poses that take your fancy. Tailor one to suit your figure and make sure you are absolutely happy with the way you look holding it.

When the butterflies start flying around your abdomen, you will KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that you can have a killer start to your session. Because you had practice at home.

A boudoir newbie’s “stock pose” is her absolute best friend.

The boudoir shoot must haves I discussed here aren’t your typical list. Then again, the typical is covered in great detail all over the internet. This blog gives you the tips few people share.

Go on…the world’s your oyster.