bridal boudoir

The Ultimate Bridal Boudoir Guide 

Wedding Season is here and I know all you beautiful brides are looking for the hottest new gift for your husband to be, what other could it be than Boudoir photography?

One of the main reasons why my clients book Boudoir sessions is because the images make great gifts, lets face it, who wouldnt be excited to receive such a sexy surprise on their wedding night? Plus, youll have even more fun doing it than you think. 

Bridal boudoir

Getting Started

Although a lot of the women Ive photographed initially book their Boudoir session so that they can give the photos as a gift, they quickly realize during the shoot that its really all about them! Boudoir is empowering because it gives women that extra boost of confidence when they realize just how unique and fabulous they are. I love watching the ladies leave the studio with a bounce in their step and a sparkle in their eye, because they are beginning to see themselves the way they deserve to be seen. 

Boudoir and weddings were made for each other, because Boudoir is a celebration: a celebration of you! 

Choosing a photographer 

As someone whos been in the photography business for more than a decade, Ive learned a thing or two about what separates quality photographers from those who are not so quality. One of the most important things to know is that when you make this investment in photos is that Boudoir Photography isnt just about photography, its about the total Boudoir Experience. Ultimately, the two keys you want to remember when looking for a Boudoir Photographer is: a) will they make me look good, and b) will the experience be worthwhile. 

For example, its important to know what to look for. When youre browsing through the websites of potential photographer candidates, and it should go without saying that having a solid website is the mark of a professional, look closely on the kind of work they consistently create. Youll find some are classic, edgy, versatile, black and white, glamorous, bright and fun, etc. Now imagine yourself as the subject of these photos, because thats a pretty good indicator of how your final photos are going to look.

Tips and tricks 

You dont have to be a professional model to look great in your Boudoir photos, it just takes a bit of intention and a touch of preparation. Groom Groom Groom, focus on the details, and dont forget to buy yourself some AMAZING lingerie. Have you had your eye on something for a while? Go pick it up. These images are going to be something to cherish the rest of your life. 

10 reasons why you should do it! 

  1. Itll Make a Great Gift
  2. Because Youre Hot and You Should Show It Off
  3. Its an Empowering Experience 
  4. You Get to Buy Lingerie
  5. Itll Make Him Crazy
  6. You Get to Be Pampered
  7. Its a Great Chance for a Party
  8. The Chance to See Yourself in a Whole New Light
  9. Boudoir Parties are the Best Bachelorette Parties!
  10. Because its FUN

The Art of You 

So many of the women Ive photographed, once theyve seen the pictures, they say, Is that really me?And Im so privileged to tell them, Of course thats you!Every woman is beautiful, a star waiting to be captured, you sometimes just have to see it to believe it. 


Your Boudoir photos arent only the perfect gift for that special someone, but they are proof of how incredible you are at this point in your life. Dont you want to capture that? Of course you do.