Boudoir Photography Tips : Making the Most of Your Environment

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Boudoir Photography Tips: Making the Most of Your Environment

Sometimes you just have to work without a studio. You don’t have absolute control of an environment and you’ll have to make snap judgments. Many Boudoir photographers don’t have their clients come to them and instead go to their clients, often having to work in badly lit or uninspiring spaces. Their success depends entirely on making the most of it.

The Boudoir Environment Kit

Believe it or not, you can convert any space into a beautiful boudoir with just a bit of love. The trick is to deemphasize clutter and background noise so that the focus will be on your subject. It doesn’t hurt to bring some emergency supplies with you either. For instance, in addition to your lights and softbox (never assume space will have sufficient light), you might want to consider bringing lovely rugs, curtains, backdrops, and a blow-up mattress, just to make space both more elegant and more flexible.

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Lighting Tips to Remember

If natural light is available, make the most of it. Positioning your subject close to the window will ensure they are softly lit, which will flatter their features and even out skin tone. Their positioning will depend on the quality of light and the time of day. A bright sunny day will wash out their features if they’re too close to the window, and an overcast day won’t light them sufficiently if they’re too far away.

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Another quick tip to consider for creative shots is the proper use of backlighting. Unless your purposely trying to create a silhouette of your subject, you will need to position a softbox opposite the window or up your ISO to ensure that your subject is sufficiently lit.

The effect you’re trying to create is that of s subtle glow, one that’s light and sensual. Backlighting is also an excellent technique to use for curvaceous women because it softens potential problem areas and highlights the beautiful ones.

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