Faceless but not Tasteless

Although it may not seem so, there’s a well-defined difference between being artistic and being inappropriate when it comes to boudoir photography. When building your portfolio, it’s important to pay attention to the boundary lines. 

One of the most notable points refers to faceless boudoir portraits, where a woman’s body is the focal point of the image, and her identity is kept a secret. For obvious reasons, some women don’t feel comfortable letting you use the photos you’ve taken of them in your portfolio if people are going to recognize them. But how do you create a timeless, beautiful boudoir portrait of a woman without including her face? 

Here are some tips to remember so that you can create tasteful faceless images: 

  1. Boudoir is meant to be suggestive, not overt. Implied nudity is much more sensual, which is one of the reasons that lingerie is so popular. 
  2. Focus on a single aspect of a woman’s body: sexy shoes, the curve of her hips, the line of her bust. Don’t be afraid to get close up, it’s her details that make her fabulous. 
  3. Find out what she is comfortable with. Respecting the wishes and privacy of your boudoir clients is an integral part in creating beautiful boudoir photographs that are both classy and timeless.