Boudoir Photography Tips : Creating a Space for Grace

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when a woman is completely comfortable in her own skin, but for many of us, having this sense of confidence is something we have to work to develop. As a boudoir photographer, you’ll occasionally have a client who’s completely fearless right from the beginning, but this is really the exception, not the rule. It’s up to you to create a safe environment where anyone, no matter their level of confidence, will feel comfortable being photographed. 

Here’s a three-step formula for helping your clients get comfortable and become more naturally confident. 

Keep It Warm 

If she’s going to be scantily clad, the very least you can do is crank up the heat and offer her a fluffy robe while she’s getting her makeup done. If she’s shivering and breaking out in gooseflesh during the shoot, she’s not going to feel very confident. She’ll be thinking about putting her clothes back on. 

A Touch of Luxury 

Girls LOVE to be pampered, and the royal treatment goes along way towards boosting confidence. Including mani/pedis, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, scented candles, etc. in your boudoir session communicates to your client just how worth it she is, and she’ll begin to believe it, which will show up in the photographs. 

Check Your Attitude 

You are the one who ultimately affects the environment of a boudoir session. If you’re uptight and nervous, your client will be as well. So, first, just relax! If you can’t be calm and confident around your clients, then maybe you’re in the wrong business! 

Set the tone by talking to her. Compliment her, ask her what music makes her feel sexy and then play it, do what you can to set her mind at ease. If you’re intentional about creating a warm, inviting experience, then you can make it happen – but it all starts with you.