You Aren’t Objecting to the Intimate Session. The Real Story Behind Boudoir Objections

Us Human beings are flawed.
And it’s because we have this wonderfully deep dark place known as the subconscious.
Not only do ideas, thoughts and experiences our conscious minds deem too uncomfortable get lost in this chaos, often we have no control over what we feel or how we act – simply because the initiative or the desire comes from the subconscious.

Body Positivity is a Land Mine: The next time you smile politely and reluctantly into
the phone and say “no” to another boudoir possibility, stop and examine your motives.
There’s a lot going on below the surface. A lot more than you can comprehend.
Intimate photography is a land mine.
It allows women to feel empowered.
It allows them to shed clothes (and their inhibitions).
It allows them to give expression to their innermost fantasies.
In short, it is a big dose of shattering stereotypes and annihilating centuries of regressive conditioning!!
Don’t trust the seemingly practical objections that your mind supplies you with.
Dig deeper sister.

Objection #1: It is Too Expensive
Really? Is it?
Can you in all fairness say that you wouldn’t find the money to gift this experience to your husband or something equally pricey to your kids?
If you don’t have a SO or little ones, just replace their example with the near and dears in your life.
The truth is a boudoir shoot is expensive because you don’t think you’re worth it. You feel that the cash would be better spent elsewhere or stored for a rainy day.
You put yourself last on your priorities list.
If you’ve ever considered a boudoir shoot, you are fully aware of how transformative it is. You are fully aware of how it can impact your idea of self-love – in a profoundly positive way. The combination seems too good. For you. You’d rather stick to your path and not be “frivolous”. The crying little child in you aching for attention needs to pick herself up, dust off the bruises and go on without closure or redressal.
Cause that’s how it should be.

Objection #2: I am Uncomfortable in Front of the Camera. I Don’t Like Lingerie.
These so said objections (or variants of these sentiments) are round-about ways of expressing the truth that you don’t feel ready for self-approval.
You don’t think you are sexy. You don’t like being showy. You think lingerie is downright trashy. Good heavens…. What if that lingerie awakens the liberated woman who knows how to be powerful, sexually in charge, and loves it? That would be catastrophe.
The real deal is you’re afraid.
You’re afraid that the dispassionate camera will show you the real you. The you who is a dazzling exotic bird and can never return to the drabness she’s made her life.
Or you’re afraid that the unfettered you will find only judgment in the eyes of the persona, the you that the world actually approves of.
It’s not that you don’t like the camera or the lingerie. You don’t like the idea of finding someone raw and wild these instruments might unlock.

Objection #3: I’m Only Doing This for My Husband
No you’re not. Wink Wink
You have the strength and the courage to say a firm “No” if anyone suggests a course of action that is truly against the grain of your inner self. I know that. You know that.
You’re here – timid but eager. You’re here cause you want to taste the boudoir experience. But you don’t want anyone to know you’re loving the idea. That’s just not the prim and proper image you’ve cultivated so carefully.
Lean closer and I’ll tell you a secret – I don’t care if you were pushed into this by your husband, your best friend or little green aliens. I can see the acquiescence in your eyes. And you’re right – I am going to rip that false modesty to shreds.
Hmmm…maybe that’s not right. The real you will rip the false modesty to shreds.

Come into my boudoir and you’ll find your objections are ways you deny yourself. Let’s make a new start, shall we?

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