Turning 50 is a big deal. I thought I would be happy with a trip to Tahiti. Two years ago I decided to take better care of my health and appearance to be the best “me” I could be. I thought an island vacation would be the perfect way to show off my new, true self… until I stumbled across Marisa. It didn’t take long to realize that a pampering boudoir session would be a much more fun, unique and truly special way to mark my 50th than an island vacation! The islands will be there for another time; my feeling better than I did when I was 30 won’t wait! Now I have an empowering experience and beautiful photos to treasure always.

Marisa is an artist with a true passion and talent for capturing your unique essence and beauty even if you are not “model perfect”. I have a face that is quite difficult to photograph due to my asymmetrical features, and have rarely been thrilled with any photos of myself in the past. Marisa’s eye, however, “nailed it. With her talented ladies by her side to do my hair and makeup beautifully and assist with posing and praise, my hopes for a great result were well beyond exceeded.

When I got the proofs from my session to view, I was in tears because I never looked so spectacular! I had a very difficult time selecting my finals. Photo after photo I said to myself, “Wow, is that me”? What a wonderful experience! From the time I got to her studio and was made to feel so at ease, and then the absolute fun and empowerment of getting to “model”, to the pleasant process of choosing photos and receiving the actual treasures, this gift to myself was second to none.

I couldn’t imagine having chosen anyone to create my experience and artwork than Marisa. I’m so glad to have had the privilege to meet and work with such an upbeat, positive and creative person! A boudoir session with Marisa is not only recommended, but I think it is necessary for any woman of any size, shape or age to feel as good about themselves as her talent facilitates. Whether it’s for your “special someone” or for yourself to celebrate your unique beauty, Marisa will find it, bring it out, capture it and preserve it for you to admire for a lifetime!


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

“Working with Marisa was a day I honestly I won’t forget. I’ve never felt so comfortable modeling, and left feeling so good about myself! Her photos are breath-taking and I know I will have them for a lifetime. Whether a supermodel or just the girl next door there is no environment, person, or outcome better than their work!”


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

“I had a Million & ONE emotions yesterday while at this shoot… Insecure, Scared, Nervous… I left feeling like I could’ve done better at the time… This Single Photo takes me out of my Element… C’mon, I wear NO make-up and never do anything with my hair, and Always have on work- out clothes and tennies ….But, when I saw this tonight, I totally teared up, I am Very Happy & Proud with how my Photo turned out.  Marisa Leigh, the confidence you can give a girl with these photos is Unlike any other! Thank You:)”


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

” Oh My Gosh! I love my pictures soooooooo much. You and your God Squad are beyond amazing at what you do. I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend that every girl I know visit your boudoir studio at some point in their life. XxXxXxXx”

– Melanie

Let me first say that Marisa ROCKS and I hope I have a chance to have her photograph me again. When I walked into the studio, I felt like I had known Marisa forever. One of the things I absolutely love, love, love about Marissa is that she isn’t just taking pictures, but creating ART. I absolutely loved when I went in to view my photos…that’s putting it mildly, I was ecstatic over the images.

But before I get ahead of myself let’s start with the shoot.  I had an absolute  ball during the shoot… I think i could have kept going for another hour or two. I was absolutely comfortable with Marisa, who helped me get bolder as we went on, and I had an overall AWESOME time. Much more so than anticipated.  I adored the makeup and hair looks they  created for me…and, well, the glasses of Champagne sure helped!

As I said, when I  viewed  the pictures, I was amazed by them. I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. Marisa’s team and her camera made me feel model beautiful!  I couldn’t have been more excited or happier about how the photos turned out. I think I would have picked just about every shot if it had been possible.

I actually teared up on my way home (who am I kidding, I cried). The pictures had several purposes for me. They were an anniversary gift for my hubby. They were also in honor of my upcoming 50th Birthday. I wanted to have a visual reminder of what 50 looked like. And, after the viewing I now think that 50 must be the new 30!

I didn’t realize this was the most important thing, but I also have some health issues and  the whole experience, especially how  beautiful the pictures are, has changed my thinking about the body that is in chronic pain that I feel completely betrayed by. I now have a sense of my power within, which is priceless. Marisa’s pictures left me feeling completely empowered and pretty damned good

Whatever the reason, or for no reason at all, you should book an appointment with Marisa, go in and let her make you feel as beautiful and empowered as I did.


If you’re thinking of maybe possibly considering perhaps booking a boudoir photo shoot… let me tell you 100% you need to do it, and you need to do it with Marisa. The photos will turn out unbelievable. The experience will be so fun. And whatever you plan to do with the photos after, you will treasure them for a lifetime. If you choose to give them to your partner as a gift, trust me. The look on their face is worth it enough. Take the plunge and go for it! You won’t regret it.

-Marisa P.

” Oh My Gosh! I love my pictures soooooooo much. You and your God Squad are beyond amazing at what you do. I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend that every girl I know visit your boudoir studio at some point in their life. XxXxXxXx”

– Melanie

From the moment I first met Marisa over a year ago, I knew I wanted to shoot with her. She and I instantly clicked and it was so easy to bounce ideas off of her.

I’d been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot for myself for a while and the search for a boudoir photographer was tough. Some were too cheesy, some too over the top, but then a friend linked me to Marisa’s website and I fell in love with her work. Marisa has a way of bringing out a woman’s sexiness, but in an artistically classy kind of way, almost editorial (my pictures look like they could really be from a magazine).

I initially tried to shoot with her last year, but life happened and so I put it off. But I am so happy I waited and finally got the chance to shoot with her! I had such a blast the day of the shoot. Her make-up team is amazing and I felt so relaxed getting my make-up done (even got champagne!) and talking to Marisa before I got in front of the camera. Her studio is gorgeous! and so much fun to shoot in.

I have no issues being in my skivvies in front of people, but Marisa definitely makes you feel comfortable and RAWR! sexy in front of her lens. AND THE PHOTOS! Oh my gosh, the photos turned out beautifully and better than I ever could have imagined! I loved that I got to sit down with her one-on-one and go through what photos I liked, the ones she liked, the ones we both liked. It was awesome getting to really SEE my photos before my book was made.

My book is beautiful and Marisa so kindly included a print of her favorite shot of me (of my butt, haha). I cannot wait to shoot with her again and have gladly recommended her to my other girlfriends to do a shoot with Marisa. EVERY woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once in her life. It’s empowering and such a beautiful experience. Thank you, Marisa, for this AMAZING experience! ?

I did not choose to have boudoir photos taken. The session was given to me as a gift. So, I was pretty reluctant about the whole thing but felt like I needed to go through with it for the sake of my friend’s generosity. Marisa turned the whole experience around for me so that it ended up being one of the most affirming things I’ve ever done for myself as a woman.

She is such a collaborator. If you build Pinterest board finding pics with images that you want to emulate or that inspire you, she will really run with that. She is so responsive and capable of creating so many different kinds of looks. She’s game for anything. She’s patient. She’s fun. She really helps you forget yourself and just get into the session.

I highly recommend a boudoir experience for any woman. I was shocked at how empowering it was. I would specifically recommend Marisa because she is particularly adept at finding what will make you your most beautiful, sensual self.

-Lisa S.

The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

Marisa is so incredible! If you’re considering photographers, Marisa is the absolute best choice.

Not only did she make me feel incredibly comfortable from our very first conversation, but she went out of her way to get to know me and my vision for our shoot. She spent time on the phone, on my Pinterest board, and prepping me for the shoot prior to the day of. Come the day of my photoshoot, Marisa was warm, welcoming, and just plain awesome, helping me to choose outfits and get comfortable in poses. She can turn absolutely everything gorgeous, and I’m so thankful! My photos turned out classy, artistic, and gorgeous – pictures I’ll treasure forever, and that I love so much! She was never concerned with sales at all, and rather chose to get to know me on a personal level and find solutions that suited me.

I would work with Marisa again in a heartbeat, and would love to have another boudoiropportunity with her in the future!

-Heather F.

The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

From the moment I got engaged and started thinking about what gift to get my fiancé I knew I wanted to do some type of boudoir photo session. I had a vision in my mind of the looks I wanted and searched everywhere for the right photographer. I found Marisa’s website and fell absolutely in love with her one of her studios, it was exactly what I was looking for!! I emailed the website and got a quick response from her assistant and then she set up a phone consultation with Marisa and she was so helpful and excited over the phone, you would really tell that this was her passion! I booked my photo shoot after that and was so excited! Marisa was so helpful in also helping to give me choices of different lingerie stores throughout the LA area! I was able to find a couple different outfits that went with my bridal theme to my black and lace theme! Once I arrived at my photo shoot, the studio looked amazing, exactly how it looked in the photos! Her hair and makeup lady was beyond amazing, she got both of my looks down and was so friendly and helped throughout the whole photo shoot! Marisa was amazing the whole time, directing me on how to sit, stand, bend over, smile, elbow down, back arched, everything! She was so encouraging the entire time she made me feel like a supermodel!! My now husband was beside himself when he opened his gift!! He had no idea that was going to be his gift and I can’t wait to show Marisa the video and photos of him opening his gift!!!! Thank you so much Marisa, it was an amazing experience!!

-Gianelli M.

Marisa and her makeup artist did the most amazing job with me. Marisa you are AMAZING and so TALENTED! Although this shoot was a gift for my boyfriend it inadvertently became a gift for myself. I absolutely love the pictures you took and will cherish them forever. This was a glimpse into a side of me I never thought I had. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and turning it into a growth experience for me.

-Jan H.

Marisa is a natural born artist with an uncanny ability to capture the most emotional moments in our lives every session we book with her…& she’s seen me through engagement, marriage, pregnancy and baby photos of my son from birth to one year of age. We LOVE Maris! The. BEST. Period:) xo

-Heather J.

Marisa was referred to me through a friend of mine, who said she had an amazing experience. I couldn’t agree more! My sister and I decided to splurge on a photo shoot, and we had an exceptional time. Marisa was so much fun, and immediately put me at ease. She helped put together a number of great looks for me, and I felt so strong, sexy, and beautiful throughout the whole day! She would pause and show me a few shots and I couldn’t believe how awesome they looked – she is incredibly talented and I love her artistry. I can’t wait to hold the final products in my hand. Such an empowering experience and I highly recommend!
Just absolutely awesome! Marisa is truly talented and such is a great person. She made my first experience doing a boudoir photoshoot super comfortable and fun. Before even meeting Marisa she was so helpful with contacting me via email with tips for the shoot, recommendations for lingerie, etc. We even spoke over the phone to get to know one another. All I can say is Marisa is wonderful and I hope to work with her again. I truly enjoyed my time spent with her.
Marisa is amazing! I learned about her through my friend who had done a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift to her future husband… after seeing the photos I couldn’t believe how amazing they had turned out. My friend said it was ALL Marisa! She directed her through the whole thing and it was sooo soo fun!
My one year wedding anniversary is around the corner, so I thought.. what a great gift! I should do this for him and for me!  Generally, I am not the most comfortable in my own skin, not great a being naked or feeling sexy, but she totally brought me out of my shell. She made me feel so beautiful and comfortable from the second we had our first phone call. Marisa let me bring my own “glam squad” aka my friends who are amazing at hair and makeup, which made the day even more fun. We drank champagne, had coffee, and laughed through it the whole experience. Great day!
I can’t wait to see the pictures- looking forward to having them when I’m old and wrinkly and need a confidence boost 😉

“(blushing) Thank you ladies, but who is this picture of?! Wow. Marisa, you are soooooo amazing. I love you for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to see myself in a much different light! You and your beauty team are simply amazing!!! XOXOXO!!!!


boudoir la reviews-

“Thank you again Marisa &  beauty squad you truly make women look and feel beautiful!! I assure you don’t need to be camera ready is no need Marisa Leigh Photography. They will enhance the beauty you ladies already have!! It’s an experience every woman should have.”

– Sarah

The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

“OMG what fun was yesterday! Marisa is so great,

What a wonderful business they have, and they made everyone so comfortable. It felt as if I had known them for a long time. Such talents and great minds! I will have many fond memories already only of the day , the experience and how I felt  about myself and all you other beautiful women. It was very meaningful in an unexpected way.”


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

Absolutely love everything about Marisa! Her art speaks for itself. Her genuine, happy and safe professional approach makes anyone extremely comfortable and want to hang out with her after the shoot.

She’s captured beautiful images from my daughter when she was 10 yrs old. Great work headshots for me and can’t wait to see our last photo shoot results.

She rocks!


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

Marisa is such a gifted photographer and such a sweet and accommodating person.  She’s very professional and knows exactly what she’s doing. The images she takes are so beautiful , sexy and tasteful. Most importantly she is totally open to what the client wants. She immediately puts you at ease and creates a creative and fun environment. The Photoshoot is an absolute must do for yourself or someone you love!

I’m very picky and I am more than happy with the final images. In fact I booked my second shoot!


The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

Marisa is AMAZING!!! After my long long hunt for a boudoir photographer who really specialized in this area, I found Marisa and wanted to set up an appointment right away! Her photos of their second Le Chev. studio is exactly what I was looking for. I spoke with Marisa on the phone and she made me feel so comfortable already and she got my vision of what I wanted to do. She was so helpful in finding different lingerie stores for me to check out in LA area. Once I arrived at the photo shoot I was greeted with Marisa’s huge smile and she was so excited to start! She offered me champagne right away which was nice and relaxing! Hair and makeup team was awesome! She is there the whole time to do touch ups and knows what she is doing! I loved both of my looks for my photo shoot!! Throughout the entire photo shoot Marisa and her team made me feel so comfortable and at ease and not shy at all! They are amazing at cheering you on while posing which really helps your confidence! I am so excited to see my finished product! I went to her DTLA studio to view photos and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! The photos came out amazing!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the look on my soon to be husbands face when he opens his present wedding day!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you Marisa you are a gem!!!

-Gia G.

boudoir la reviews

Marisa is simply amazing!  I’ve shot with her twice now, the first time as a gift for my fiance and the second for a couples boudoir shoot. As my now-husband puts it, her eye for the female form is incredible, and quite possibly unparalleled. She will immediately put you at ease and make you feel beautiful. The finished product will be something you never even thought possible! Truly stunning photos! And on top of it all, she’s just a lovely human and a pleasure to be around. There is not even the slightest chance you’d regret shooting with her!


boudoir la reviews

Though art is subjective and personal, and Marisa’s work is far beyond what a simple review can describe, she truly deserves 5 stars (heck, all the stars!).

I found Marisa when I was looking for a professional photographer with a style I loved, attention to detail, a variety of shooting locations and themes, and a great personality that would make me feel good about shooting. After viewing Marisa’s portfolio online, I loved her work and gave her a call. She was warm and genuinely interested in what I wanted to get out of my shoot from moment one.

The experience itself was lovely. Marisa brought my champagne, strawberries, cheese (really good cheese!) and made me feel lovely in her gorgeous Downtown LA studio location, as her hair and makeup artist did a flawless job recreating a photo I pulled up from the web.

I’m no supermodel, and posing and getting sexy can be a bit weird and make me feel self aware. Marisa gave me perfect feedback, pose coaching, and encouragement the entire time. Her feedback was real, her compliments were sincere, and her ideas were fantastic and original.

The outcome of the shoot blew me away, and Marisa has a great system of allowing you to go through each photo with her and making decisions. Also wonderful, was that I never felt pressured to decide on a print or photo I was not certain about (in my case, I did a boudoir shoot and am purchasing prints).

In the times I’ve seen Marisa, I always leave feeling uplifted and cannot wait to work with her again.

Again, art is so personal. What resonates to me may be different from you, but her hospitality, professionalism, passion, and skill and undisputedly top notch. I recommend checking out her work, and taking it from there if you were as impressed as I was. You’ll be very happy with the whole experience.

-Brigette G.

boudoir la reviews

Marisa is a true artist.  My friends and I bought one of her packages via Gilt.  Usually, Gilt experiences have left me disappointed but Marisa gave us such a great experience!  She was beyond accommodating with our very difficult schedules.  She made us feel super comfortable and was interested in each of our unique interests and styles for the photo shoot.  She had a lot of creative ideas based off of our different looks and personalities.  The photos turned out stunning even before she did touch ups.  But with the touch ups we looked and felt like professional models.  Will definitely be coming back for all my photography needs!

-Heather M.

boudoir la reviews

Marisa did such an amazing job with our engagement photos. My fiancée and I get so anxious when it’s time to take photos so meeting Marisa was a breath of fresh air. Marisa is really great at alleviating anxiety and making the experience fun. We spent a lot of time laughing and she was receptive to our input regarding what we wanted out of the photo session. From the beginning to the awesome reveal of the finished product  at the end, the whole experience was top notch. We’ve gotten so many compliments on the photos and we are proud of the shots that we took home. Thank you so much!

-Maxcell L.

boudoir la reviews (

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a perfectly gorgeous model? Look no further…Marisa will make you look and feel as stunning as Gisele!

-Courtney M.

I had an amazing time with Marisa and her team. Every minute was about making me feel comfortable and beautiful. I was greeted with champagne cheese and wine and taken care of the rest of my time. Her makeup artist worked magic helped pick out the order of my wardrobe changes and stayed with me the entire time. Marisa has vision and her studio is designed to make her vision work so that I was comfortable and sexy. The best part about working with Marisa is how she kept In touch with me through emails and phone calls. She took every step to make sure she knew me and gave me what ever I wanted. I highly recommend Marisa Leigh Foto.

-Amaris R.

The best intimate boudoir Los Angeles photo session in Los Angeles with Marisa Leigh

I told Marisa that she should start advertising on online dating websites. I cannot begin to tell you how these photos have boosted my profile online!!!!! They are worth every dime. What’s funny is that when I did the photo shoot I didn’t have anyone to share them with, and now I have several possibilities – one of them is only 32 years old, and let’s just say – I’m not

-Lisa S.

When you enter L’ Cheriyve Studios, it’s like an adult fantasyland. 5000 sq feet of sets that feel lush, elegant, sexy. As I sit in the makeup studio, I feel like a princess. I am greeted with such warmth and offered a glass of champagne. My hair and makeup are so beautifully done and I am thrilled to do my first shoot. Marisa has a natural way of making her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. And like Justin Timberlake, she knows how to bring the sexy back! It was truly an experience I won’t forget. I left feeling creative, confindent, inspired and powerful!

-Christine J.

Marisa was incredible, and even that is an understatement.  Everything from her warm personality to her skilled work of art, she hands down was 5 stars from the beginning. Marisa made me feel so comfortable, the shoot was fun, her studio is stunning, and my photos turned out so amazing! I highly recommend Marisa, no matter what kind of shoot you want to do – she will capture everything you didn’t even know you wanted!  ?


Magic. That’s the perfect word to describe what Marisa can do with a camera.

I decided to get boudoir photos done for my first anniversary. After reading reviews and viewing pictures of many different boudoir photographers around LA, the quality of Marisa’s photos jumped out as clearly the best. Reading her blog and articles in the Huffington Post confirmed that Marisa was truly devoted to and very seasoned about her art. Marisa’s experience was exactly what I needed, considering how nervous I was the day of the shoot.

Although I was confident when I booked the shoot, my nerves started catching up to me the closer I got to the day of the shoot. But Marisa was great in answering all my questions by phone and email and was really receptive to me wanting to do an Indian-themed Budoir.

The day of the shoot was great! Her studio is spacious and clean. Thanks to Kelly’s hard work my makeup and hair came out great! (Kelly even stayed throughout the shoot to fix my hair in shots and change up my looks.) Marisa and her team were super friendly and I made me feel like a goddess as I posed!

Two weeks later and it was time for my viewing, the day I was anxiously awaiting. When Marisa showed me a video collage of my photos I was just blown away with my photos! I loved them all so much that it was hard to narrow them down. Despite my cellulose and self-consciousness, when I look at my pictures I feel truly sexy and beautiful.

I highly recommend booking your shoot with Marisa not only as a gift to your significant other but also a treat for yourself! I can’t wait to work with Marisa again in the future (because you can never have enough sexy pictures of yourself)!

My partner and I loved working with Marisa during our couple’s boudoir session! She made both of us feel absolutely comfortable and she is extremely personable.  Her studio gave us so many options and we felt relaxed during each staging, never rushed. The photos came out high quality which left it difficult for us to narrow down our favorites. We definitely recommend Marisa!