Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Top Poses for Curvy Ladies

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I see people ranting about the negative connotations of the term “plus size” and I think one thing.

Plus just means extra AF.

So why associate it with guilt, accusation and straight out inferiority?

My experience of shooting plus sized women has shown that they do bring something more to the sessions. A sense of abandon, the ability to own the camera and the power to really bring out the sexy in lingerie. (— PS: I love women of all shapes and sizes. And I am not discriminating against those who don’t pack in the curves —)


Plus means more. And the more of you the better.

It is time for you to be like Alice and own your muchness. Cause that’s what makes you uniquely “you”.

Imagine how dull the world would be if we were all similarly proportioned. The slim waists, the long legs and the petite derriere.

A queue would resemble a factory outlet.

The very fact that you don’t conform to what Vogue says is in vogue gives you the attraction to stand apart from the crowd.

And a rocking intimate photoshoot is the most self-respecting and empowering way to re-awaken your inner mistress. To recognize and wield the sensuousness.

Here’s my list of top three poses that set any plus-sized intimate click-on fire.

Boudoir Pose #1: The Sheet Tease 

Something about the gracious flowing lines of silk fabric right next to or around a confident curvy woman is the ultimate treat – for the camera and her man.

Be it the shy peak from the side or the languorous hug that says “We have all the time in the world”, if you are a plus sized beauty you need to add this shot to your repertoire of looks you can pull off.

Boudoir Pose #2: Sharon Stone Sass

When Sharon Stone crossed and uncrossed her legs in Basic Instinct, the scene went down in history as the most paused cine moment ever.

I am not asking you to flash your lady parts.

I am asking you to shamelessly steal this icon’s pizzazz and rely on crossed legs as your best boudoir buddy.

There are many variations to the actual way the limbs can be arranged.

But the one I like the best happens sitting on the edge of a comfortable chair’s seat, with snazzy heels, a short shirt and the elbows resting on either side of the raised knee.

It looks classy, it screams Femme Fatale and it can be yours without spraining your ankle or bending your body into awkward shapes.

Boudoir Pose #3: The Bold n Busty

You got the assets – why not flaunt them?

In fact, hiding one of your best physical features is a crime.

This shot fixes it!

It is almost a portrait – not quite.

Because instead of your face your décolletage is the focus.

You can flex your arms to further accentuate the valley. Or you can go classic risqué and cover your modesty with your hands while inviting that special someone on the other side to dare dream up bold fantasies.

Don’t restrict yourself because you feel being plus sized is a drawback.

It is not.

It means more in every aspect of life – as long as you are physically healthy.

And in the womb of the boudoir it is a nod of acknowledgment to the sirens of the old who were more divas with curves than models starved on a diet.



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